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allows to install applications from the App Store

Since the digital market, Apple allows the installation of apps for the first ten years from 2024

View the most important things for the Apple system. iOS 17 has a number of new developments on a number of years tend to probably use the mayor cam on iOS from this age. Since 9to5Mac, the beta version of iOS 17.2 has been included in the latest versions of Apple, which is prepared to install applications from the App Store. A cambio that will take your breath away explains the extraordinary periodic discovery of Apple, Mark Gurman, about his bolete.

We see the first month of 2024. It is a fact that, after consulting Gurman, Apple asked in advance to apply this cambio de gran calado. According to the New Year’s principles, iOS applications can be installed throughout the App Store.

The cambio is not casual, but can reach the new Ley de Mercados Digitales (DMA) of the European Union. There is a regulation that has allowed you to adapt or expand the large technological selection during 2024.

Bajo tu propio riesgo. In 2021, Tim Cook compares his practice to an airbag that is not safe. A hiperbole that makes the company’s position clear. For Apple, installing applications in the App Store is an option to ensure the security of regular users.

If you impose an embargo on European Union regulations, you can do this on Android. The historical past is that Google has adopted a similar attitude.

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Apple allows sideloading, but there are a lot of ads. Gurman asked us to allow the installation of apps which is possible if we implement a “general control system”, where users receive an advertisement on the peligros and are responsible for installing an application from the App Store.

Apple acatará (y apelará) the regulations of the UE. It is believed that Apple works with DMA. It is not clear that sideloading authorizes European fuel use, but Apple is not obliged to grant a permit.

Other options are that in iOS you can toggle changes to iMessage and pages with NFC. Since there is an embargo, Apple explained that he has prepared a product for the digital market.

View key cambios for iOS. As more and more comments were made, Apple would eventually make a decision on the 2024 Principles.

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