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AI app creation service that allows you to build Android and iOS apps from scratch in minutes

A new AI-powered startup called Sutro has introduced a unique service that allows anyone to create Android or iOS apps without the need for coding. The company harnesses the power of his AI to enable anyone with an idea to build fully functional mobile and web apps. Sutro’s AI app creation service can provide you with:

What is Sutro?

Sutro announced its AI app creation service in a blog post, explaining that while “no-code” platforms have been around for a while, they primarily work at a basic level and require users to achieve fully functional apps. states that intervention is necessary. “No coding was required, but a solid technical understanding was essential to assemble and connect these components to create a functional service. This complexity required significant time and effort. “Not only did we slow down the no-code revolution,” the blog post reads.

Sutro boldly claims that anyone at any skill level can build apps with just an idea. Not only that, but the service allows you to instantly publish to Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, and/or the web. Sutro explains that you can tell the AI: “I would like to add a star rating system.”or “I want to be able to send messages to users” and the service will add that specific feature to your app.

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The company also posted a tutorial video that creates a Pinterest-inspired social network in about 60 seconds without any coding required. Sutro says its purpose is not to replace developers, PMs, and designers, but rather to “cover the grunt work for entrepreneurs, take them from an idea to a working product, and hopefully adapt the product to market as quickly as possible.” It states that it is a “thing”.

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The company says Sutro’s capabilities will continue to grow, allowing users to instantly build more complex apps and services. The company further states that it has worked on some of the notable services including OpenAI, Uber, Twitter, Meta, and Stripe. Sutro was founded in late 2021 by Thomas Hargas, the developer of a group chat app called Sphere that was sold to Twitter. So far, Sutro has 715 of his manufacturers and he has already built 934 apps through the service.

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