Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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jump, A leading programmatic mobile marketing company that helps mobile app advertisers acquire and re-engage users, recently released the iOS SKAdNetwork 4.0 guide to help APAC app marketers grow their business on Apple devices. This latest guide will provide advertisers across the APAC market with valuable insights and strategies to help them get the most out of SKAdNetwork 4.0 to drive privacy-centric app growth for his Apple iOS app. purpose.

According to industry average, In India, only 36% of users allow advertisers to track their IDFA data, which could explain why marketers choosing not to test SKAdNetwork are failing to reach more than 60% of iOS users. suggests that there is a Conversely, ambitious advertisers investing in SKAN campaigns are already seeing good results, including complete iOS audience coverage and improved campaign performance.

Over the past few years, Apple devices have expanded their presence in APAC, the world’s leading smartphone market. Notably, India joins China and Japan this year to secure a place among Apple’s top five iPhone markets. iOS devices and premium users are top of the line, so their in-app transactions and direct revenue contribution eclipse device market share in various markets. However, with the introduction of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework in 2021, running effective ads on iOS has become a challenge for app marketers. This privacy-focused effort limits tracking of user data in mobile marketing, making it difficult to serve personalized ads. You can also understand exactly her ROI of the campaign.

In the context of ATT, Apple has released SKAdNetwork, an attribution solution for users who opt out of being tracked by advertisers. Jampp’s latest guide helps advertisers navigate her SKAdNetwork 4.0 and find the best solution for measuring and optimizing the impact of their iOS campaigns. .

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This guide provides a complete overview of how Apple’s ATT is impacting app growth strategies across the digital industry and the opportunities SKAdNetwork provides. It also features detailed insights from industry experts such as Anuj Kumar of Affle and Roshat Adnani of M&C Saatchi Performance.

Yuki Kubota from MicroAd and Jane Zhi from BIGO LIVE.

Acquired by global technology company Affle in 2021, Jampp provides a programmatic mobile advertising platform used by leading app marketers to acquire new users, drive repeat visits and convert existing users. I’m here. The company focuses on leveraging unique contextual and behavioral signals to deliver in-app engagement, driving incremental growth for top his marketers in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and many other markets. I’ve been

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Jampp is the programmatic advertising platform used by the most ambitious mobile app companies to accelerate their business. Founded in 2013, Jampp leverages machine learning, creative optimization, and proprietary advertising solutions to drive incremental customer growth by reaching new users and driving new interactions with existing users. We are promoting. Jampp is now part of the Affle group. Affle (India) Ltd. is traded on the Stock Exchange of India (BSE: 542752 & NSE: AFFLE).

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Affle is a global technology company with a unique consumer intelligence platform that engages, acquires and transacts with consumers through relevant mobile advertising. The platform aims to increase the return on marketing investments through content-aware mobile advertising and by reducing digital advertising fraud. Affle’s consumer platform is used by online and offline businesses for measurable mobile advertising, while its enterprise platform is used by offline businesses through its platform-based app development, O2O commerce enablement, and customer data platform. online.

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