Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Google Chrome logo on a phone screen

What you need to know

  • A new discovery in Google Chrome Beta reveals a highly requested feature.
  • Like Safari, Google Chrome for iOS lets you change the position of the omnibox.
  • Chrome Beta iOS users can only enable this using the Chrome flag and then long press the URL bar to rearrange it.

Google seems to be preparing some nice changes to Chrome’s address bar, but it’s limited to iOS users.

As The Tape Drive (via 9to5Google) points out, the ability to move Google Chrome’s URL address bar to the bottom pane is possible by simply adjusting a Chrome flag. However, it is currently available for Chrome beta testers on iOS who have enrolled through Apple’s Test Flight program.

iOS beta testers have access to .chrome://flags/#bottom-omnibox-steady-state” URL on each Google Chrome browser.

(Image credit: Tape Drive)

Enabling the flag will restart the browser, after which users will be able to find the new “Address Bar” option in the app’s settings. The user will now be able to set the omnibox to the bottom. This is useful for large screens and makes it easier to edit the address bar without having to stretch your hands as you would with the top position.

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