Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Tesla’s latest update to its iOS app has added support for Apple’s Shortcuts, which allow drivers to instruct their vehicles to perform various commands simply by asking Siri.

The update to version 4.24.0 appeared in the App Store on Saturday, to little fanfare from Tesla itself. The change is listed with a single sentence: “Access your vehicle’s controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

The Tesla app previously offered owners many different actions they could perform on their car remotely, via their iPhone. With the addition of Siri Shortcuts support, Tesla North reports that drivers can now perform many of the actions using a “Hey Siri” command with an iPhone or Apple Watch, rather than having to manually open the app.

The list of commands Siri Shortcuts can work with includes unlocking and locking the Tesla, opening and closing the trunk and trunk, opening the charging port, and starting and stopping charging. Siri can also be used to enable and disable Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, as well as many other basic functions.

Adding Siri Shortcuts support is the latest move Tesla has made to adapt to Apple’s device ecosystem.

In December, Apple Music support was rolled out to Tesla cars as part of a holiday software update. Meanwhile, code snippets in the iOS app in July indicated that AirPlay support was being tested by the automaker.

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