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According to Adjust report, moving to SKAN 4 reduced cost per customer acquisition and increased conversion rates on TikTok

SKAN 4’s extended attribution window increased CPA by 37% and CVR by 220%. For apps in beta testing on TikTok

San Francisco, November 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading measurement and analytics company adjustReleased today in partnership with TikTok Master SKAN 4: Essentials for success on iOS Equip mobile marketers with the knowledge to scale their SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns on iOS.From beta testing of 37 apps in the US, UK, and US. Japan, TikTok said SKAN 4’s extended 35-day attribution window, as opposed to SKAN 3’s 1-3 day window, increases the amount of conversions recorded and provides a more comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness. and found that accurate evaluation has become easier. Considering all the additional conversion value and impact on performance results, TikTok saw an overall 37% improvement in cost per acquisition and an impressive 220% improvement in conversion rate.

“Mobile app marketers want to refine their iOS campaign measurement and optimization strategies with privacy-focused attribution, but are still hesitant to move to SKAN 4,” he said. Stated. katie madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust. “As the industry continues to shift towards prioritizing user and data privacy, it’s time to think differently towards the potential of post-identity attribution on iOS. In our guide The data-backed insights detailed help growth marketers dig deeper and embrace the SKAN 4 features. ”

Adjust’s eBook details how to leverage new features in SKAN 4 to maximize campaign visibility and performance on iOS, and dives into use cases for a variety of industries and business models. Masu. We also reveal how TikTok and Adjust support his SKAN 4 feature and explore:

  • The main features of SKAN 4 and how they work on a technical level. These include three attribution windows (and additional postbacks), fine-grained and coarse-grained conversion values, campaign ID to source ID migration, lockWindow, web-to-app attribution, and conversion value reduction. This includes increased flexibility.
  • How to switch from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4. Most importantly, marketers can run SKAN 3 and SKAN 4 at the same time and don’t need to do anything to actively start receiving SKAN 4 postbacks. Adjust and TikTok detail the key steps to building a SKAN 4 strategy and begin leveraging its capabilities for deeper measurement and growth.
  • Unleash the strategic potential of SKAN 4. Marketers can learn how to set and map conversion values ​​in the most effective way and optimize their campaigns to maximize crowd anonymity.

This ebook also provides an overview of SKAN 5, including expected upgrades, additions, and a wish list of new features.For more information or to download the entire ebook, click here.

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