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Abbott warns that iOS 17 update may affect use of FreeStyle Libre app

This update introduces two new features: standby mode and assisted access mode. If you are an Apple user and choose to upgrade to iOS 17, these features may impact your phone’s ability to receive time-sensitive notifications such as blood sugar readings and alarms. there is.

Android users are not affected. Also, users who use his FreeStyle Libre reader to monitor blood sugar levels are not affected.

What should Apple users do?

Abbott, the maker of FreeStyle Libre, recommends that Apple users disable automatic updates for their phone’s operating system.

You can also review Abbott’s compatibility guidelines for more information about installing new versions of operating systems.

Mr. Abbott also issued the following advice to anyone choosing to upgrade to iOS 17:

  • Standby Mode – This is a new feature that activates the iPhone lock screen when the phone is charging and placed on its side. If you plan to use standby mode, you must configure your phone settings to receive LibreLink notifications continuously. Tap Settings, tap Standby, then turn on Show Notifications.

  • Assistive Access Mode – Although this mode narrows the app to its essential functionality, Abbott does not recommend using this mode while using the FreeStyle LibreLink or FreeStyle Libre 3 apps. This is because it affects activating sensors, changing alarm settings, or receiving blood sugar alarm notifications.

If your current iOS operating system is iOS 16 and you do not upgrade to iOS 17, FreeStyle LibreLink and FreeStyle Libre 3 app notifications are not affected.

For further assistance, please contact the Abbott Customer Care team on 0800 170 1177.

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