Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Iconfactory, known for popular apps like Wallaroo and Frenzic, has released its latest creation: Ollie’s Arcade. This new app brings the nostalgia of retro gaming back to iOS users through a collection of minigame-inspired classic arcade style and electric handheld titles.

Ollie’s Arcade’s debut lineup features three games reminiscent of old favorites. “Ollie Soars” is a Flappy Bird-esque game where players fly around the world collecting gems while maneuvering around obstacles. “Snake” is a well-known game where the goal is to eat apples without running into the body of your own snake. “Tranquility Touchdown” is a space exploration game in which players pilot a lander to the surface of six different planets.

The Iconfactory team wanted to capture the magic of the classic games they played during their childhood. Their favorites, such as “Asteroids,” “Moon Patrol,” “Battlezone,” “Mattel Football,” “Simon,” and “Merlin,” served as inspiration for Ollie’s Arcade.

Ollie’s Arcade allows users to turn their iPhones or iPads into a retro gaming experience. The company’s announcement highlights its intent to create a nostalgic journey for players.

Interestingly, two of the new games in Ollie’s Arcade were originally Easter Eggs in Iconfactory’s now-defunct Twitterific app. Introduced in Twitterific 5 in 2016, “Ollie Soars” received a complete overhaul for the release of Ollie’s Arcade. “Tranquility Touchdown” has also been improved and polished for this new app. The team rounded out the trio with their own take on the classic game of “Snake.”

Ollie’s Arcade gives players the flexibility to play on their phone, as well as with a game controller or wireless keyboard. The minigames in the app are ad-free and subscription-free. Users can download the app for free, including “Ollie Soars,” and unlock the other two games through a one-time purchase of $1.99 each.

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With Ollie’s Arcade, iOS users can enjoy the fun of retro gaming and experience the thrill of classic arcade style and handheld titles.

– The Icon Factory

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