Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Memo app Qept makes it easy to DM yourself

Many people use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram to message themselves. Recognizing this trend, developer Willem de Beijer created his new note-taking app, Qept, designed specifically for this purpose.

Better organization and editing

While popular chat apps offer self-texting options, Qept stands out for its organizational and editing features. The app allows users to easily create checklists and her todo lists for tasks such as grocery shopping and daily planning.

simple note taking

Just like any other chat app, you can write notes and thoughts in Qept by starting typing and pressing “send”. Quickly create checklists and to-do lists with the handy checkmark button above the text box. Assigning “topics” to your notes enhances organization, but is not required.

Manage and edit notes easily

All notes appear on the home timeline regardless of whether they have a topic assigned to them. You can edit it even after sending it to the timeline. In future updates, the app will allow you to hide or collapse topic notes and show/hide archived notes with a single tap.

Future updates

In the coming weeks, the developer plans to release updates with improved look and navigation, filters for archived notes, additional reminder functionality, formatting bullet points, and more. De Beijer also plans to release a Mac app, introducing features like note search, bulk editing, and rich link support.

Free download with options for pro features

Qept is free to download. However, adding more than 3 topics will incur a monthly charge of $7.99. In the future, the developer plans to introduce additional pro features such as image and file support.

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Comparison with Stashpad

Qept offers similar functionality to Stashpad, but better caters to basic note-taking needs and reliance on checklists. Stashpad is heavily funded by tech industry luminaries, but is limited to 50 notes for free across devices.

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