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One of the many dreaded items on your to-do list while planning an event is sending out invitations. This doesn’t have to be a big struggle. Send and manage invitations with just a few taps directly from your smartphone.

If you’re looking for beautiful and creative designs for your next event invitations, check out our clever mobile invitation apps for Android and iPhone for seamless event planning.

1.1 Invite

If you want to create amazing card invitations quickly, 1invites offers a unique way to easily create invitations for your next event. Choose from dozens of templates categorized by event type to get you started quickly.

1Invites offers all the editing tools you can think of to customize your invitations. You can change fonts, add graphics, edit backgrounds, and add links. The Link feature is especially useful for linking websites to locations, contact details, or invitations.

Don’t worry if you can’t fit everything on one page. 1Invites allows you to add multiple pages to your invitations for a cleaner look.

download: 1Invite for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Invitation

Handling multiple invites is not trivial. Invitd takes the stress and confusion out of managing the process with a fast invitation maker. Simply add your event name and location, choose a design, and send the invitation to your contacts via text message.

Guests can click a link in the invitation to register for the event with one tap. You can also limit additional guests per invitation and choose to be notified of new responses. If you have trouble keeping track of the numbers and hate endless planning, Invitd makes planning your next event easy and efficient.

download: Invitd for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. byte

If you want to send creative invitations, Evite has fun designs for any event. The home page provides access to a wide range of event categories such as birthdays, barbecues, and weddings. Evite offers both free and paid templates, each with a wealth of designs.

Editing an invitation template is easy. Add some basic details, set the date and time, write a short note, and you’re ready to start sending. Evite is also a world changing app with charity options. This feature allows guests to donate to non-profit organizations of their choice.

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You can preview the invitation before sending it to make sure everything is ok. After sending the invitation, you can communicate with the guest in the (Messages) tab. This is great for sending updates after an invite.

download: Evite for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Potpourri

Poply is a simple and great way to send out invitations and get ready for your next event. One of its most powerful features is a vertical scrolling invitation that allows guests to easily view details one section at a time.

Whether you’re sending out wedding invitations or arranging a casual dinner, Poply has templates for all kinds of events. Simply select a design, click Customize, and start filling in the details. You can also send invitations to virtual events and add a link and passcode for your virtual event software.

For forgetful people, you can send event reminders in advance. Managing responses is easy. For each event, Poply shows who replied, who added a plus-one, and who opened the invitation.

download: Potpourri for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Punch bowl

Punchbowl provides a stress-free way to send invitations without being overwhelmed. All events are categorized on the home page, including subcategories for specific event types. If your party has a theme, you can go to the “Themes” section or use the quick search tool.

Dashboards help you manage multiple events at once. Here you can view invitations and sent cards, an additional feature of Punchbowl. The app also offers some basic event management tools, so you can send invitations and plan at the same time.

download: Punchbowl for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Greeting Island Card Maker

Greetings Island Card Maker offers a unique and simple design system so you can be creative with your invitations. The app offers different categories of events such as graduations, engagements, baby showers and more.

For the most personalized designs, you can create custom templates from the (Create Your Own) tab. Here you can upload photos, edit frames and change background color. Best of all, you can download your invitations as PDF or image files, so you can easily share them with your friends.

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download: Greeting Island Card Markers for Android | iOS (Free, with subscription)

7. Hub App Party Invitation Maker

Hub’s versatile invitation maker makes planning and planning your next event a breeze. You can create both private and public invitations, and there are tools for organizing quick get-togethers with friends.

If you’re planning an event as a group, you can set up polls to get input from others. Send an initial written or voice note with the invitation to provide further details. You can also add details such as a dress code or whether the event is adults-only.

Guests can answer with three options: “yes”, “maybe”, or “no”, giving them a clear idea of ​​how many people are expected to attend. Overall, Hub is a great invitation maker for both formal and informal events. Best of all, the app is free to use.

download: Hub App Party Invitation Maker for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Kamba

Canva is the go-to design tool used by many professionals. However, you can also use it to create invitations for free and quickly. Simply go to the Templates tab from the sidebar and select Invite to get started.

Some templates are only available in Canva Pro, but the free version also gives you access to many templates. Canva offers very deep design features for decorating your invitations, including graphics and motion stickers.

To bring your invitation to life, go to the Animate tab. This gives you a variety of fun and quirky ways to present information to your guests. Just download your invitations or share them on social media, and perfecting your invitations is easier than ever.

download: Canva for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Bring your next event to life with these amazing invitation apps

No matter what kind of event you are planning, these apps offer a wealth of designs to suit the atmosphere of the event you are planning. An added benefit of using digital invitations over paper invitations is that you don’t need to know everyone’s home address. Be creative and try out these digital invitation makers.

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