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5 pointers for using an app without iOS

iPhone (iOS) users can use more memory than Google Drive, an application that allows enabling new documents. It is a good idea to arm the local economy or to have more international espaço without the Apple disposition. You can find an alternative for organizing archive and video exchanges and links with various types of e-mail, backing up photos, videos and other functional functions. Then you can do this to get the most out of iOS’s platform system.

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O Google Drive no iPhone can provide more than simple feedback; confira — Photo: Getty Images

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If you don’t have iOS on Google Drive

An application can be very good at Apple’s application capabilities. You can also go to the App Store by going to “Google Drive” and clicking “obter”. If you connect to Google, you can compare the documents in document formats, presentations, plans and formulas. Using Google Drive, you can edit more people or comment on a unique story.

An application from Google Drive can be used directly in the Apple Store — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

Back up photos and videos without Google Drive

Since you can use 15GB for free, Google Drive is one of the best options for Apple users who have new gun memory. You can backup images without Google Drive, select the options Configuration > Backup > Photos & Videos. It is necessary that permission is granted to view photos and videos. You can choose from the appropriate image to backup the images with the original quality.

Use the iPhone devices to backup photos, videos and other files to Google Drive — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Compartilhe arquivo com does not link Google Drive

It is possible to compare 15 GB with Google Drive to allow multiple users to use Google. You have realized two ways to compare this. If you are using Google Drive for the first time, you can consult the app, click on our pontinhos and select a first option “Compartil” for adding our emails that you can reach, whether you want to see or you for editing. If you choose one of our most popular options, you can also choose the “Comparative” option, selecting “Kopiarlink” to use if you are a different user. Most procedures can be done as pastes in the oven.

No Google Drive for iPhone, use similar links using facility information — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

Do not use Google Drive o FaceID

You may be able to get more access to FaceID through Google Drive. A secure biometric is not available on Android and is another interesting option to connect US to iOS. In order not to protect iPhone, go to Google Drive configuration, click on “Privacidade” and work actively. Other options include limiting the rate for Face ID authentication, from about 10 seconds, or 1 minute and about 10 minutes.

Face ID can be used as additional security from Google Drive on iPhone — Photo: Photo: Mayara Aguiar/TechTudo

Confirm a reminder via Google Drive

There is an option to verify the data via Google Drive. While applied, the clique is nothing more than a superior song and an “Armazenamento”. You can analyze the usage of 15 GB. This option guarantees gentle control over memory usage without an app. To do more, you can use a Google One plan.

If you don’t arm an iPhone, you can use a 15 GB memory on Google Drive — Photo: Leone Ferreira/TechTudo

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