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Pdplayer 64 Bit Crack ^NEW^ Free 44


Pdplayer 64 Bit Crack Free 44

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Events from the year 2002 in Italy.

President: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
Prime Minister: Silvio Berlusconi (from 30 November)


Twelve people are killed and fifteen injured when a tram derails in Milan.

January 1 – The government begins its second trimester of 2002.
January 3 – A bomb explodes in the car of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, injuring the Italian President.
January 4 – 2 people are killed and 14 injured when a fire engine crashes in Milan during the evening rush hour.
January 9 – Italian Chamber of Deputies adopts the government’s draft law for recognising civil unions.
January 10 – The government resigns, and Parliament’s first session of the year is devoted to electing a new prime minister.
January 14 – Former Prime Minister Carlo Azeglio Ciampi returns to the premiership.
January 19 – Bruno Contrada, former Mayor of Rome and brother of Maurizio, is arrested on charges of involvement in the Mafia and of corrupt activities.
January 21 – The highest court of Italy, the Constitutional Court, declares that a previous law pertaining to abortion is unconstitutional.
January 22 – Gianni Alemanno, Secretary of the Democratic Party, is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Italy.

February 2 – Milan’s transport chief (under a previous government) is indicted for manslaughter.
February 4 – Gianni Alemanno is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Italy.
February 7 – A car bomb explodes outside the Roman Arena.

March 17 – The highest court of Italy, the Court of Cassation, declares a previous law pertaining to abortion unconstitutional.

April 1 – Prime Minister Gianni Alemanno asks two opinion polls to be published simultaneously to


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