Nastia Mouse Sleeping Beautie 2 👌🏿

Nastia Mouse Sleeping Beautie 2 👌🏿

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Nastia Mouse Sleeping Beautie 2

I can kind of understand why people are still upset about the plot of Sleeping Beauty. After all, Disney took some pretty wacky liberties with the original story, and we probably shouldn’t have been so quick to forgive it. But that doesn’t mean that Peter Pan isn’t a great movie. In fact, it’s the best Disney movie about childhood since Pinocchio (although Peter Pan is one of the few Disney animated films where childhood is a literal, non-mythological concept). And I’m not talking about the movie’s premise. I’m talking about everything else.

Disney does try to make the faireries a bit more active in this film by having Aurora squish a hunk of evil with her foot every time she sleeps by accident, and in the final act, her realizing that if she stays asleep, she can take Maleficent out. Its a nice change of pace, and a nice acknowledgment that fairies arent just decorative, but a force to be reckoned with. Its subtle, but with some occasional flashes of the old-school Disney magic (in one scene, in particular, everything seems to come to life, from the flames to furniture and even the soundtrack), and some of its biggest innovations are its musical numbers. Maleficent is the centerpiece, with a number that not only provides the movie with its funniest moments, but showcases Aurora and a host of other Disney characters that we dont often see on-screen like stars of the planet Dreamland. Sleeping Beauty really revives Disney musicals in this area, and its nice to see a Disney Princess in their rightful setting.

Snow White is one of them; if Im remembering correctly, its basically a retelling of the story except for the very end. (And no, after her stepmother kills her, she doesnt die; Disney was too afraid of upsetting parents, I suppose.) I dont remember whether they changed the ending for Sleeping Beauty; I think when Disney acquired it, here to fix the problem his people had, but Snow White isnt so bad when you look at the other variants.

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