Java Programming Books In Urdu Pdf 35


Java Programming Books In Urdu Pdf 35

the java programming language was released as a public standard in 1998. it was designed as a simple and intuitive language for the average person to program in, along with an elite group of professionals to design sophisticated, enterprise-level programs. the java programming language is designed to be used by all kinds of people, including students, hobbyists, and professionals.

a programming language can be either compiled or interpreted. if the language is interpreted, it is executed on the user’s computer, rather than being converted to machine code. this type of language is also known as a scripting language. javascript, perl, python, and ruby are examples of interpreted programming languages.

in this book, i will go through the basics of java programming language. i will also tell you about different concepts of java programming. there will be examples of java programming and we will discuss about different ways of java programming. i will also provide you some problems. if you get stuck in any problem, you can use your own solutions or use solutions that have already provided by some others. to finish this book, you will need to solve the problems that are provided in this book. read more

java programming is a book which guides you in the basics of java programming language. as a result of reading this book, you will get a complete knowledge about java programming. you will know all the java programming concepts. moreover, you will also be able to write java programs easily. if you want to learn java programming language then you must read this book. in this book, there are lots of useful examples and topics which are frequently used in java. you will get all the required information from this book. besides, there are also solutions to the problems. they are also very useful in making the book more interactive. read more

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can’t set expiration date for http cache in nginx

I want to set cache expiration for static content (gzip files) in nginx. I have this in my nginx.conf file :
proxy_cache_valid 200 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 200 10d;
proxy_cache_valid 201 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 201 10d;
proxy_cache_valid 304 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 304 10d;
proxy_cache_all_extra_requests off;
proxy_cache_bypass 1;

with this in my VHost file :
location /files/cache/ {
proxy_cache_valid 200 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 201 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 201 10d;
proxy_cache_valid 201 10d;
proxy_cache_valid 500 1d;
proxy_cache_valid 500 10d;
proxy_cache_purge on;
proxy_cache_bypass 1;
proxy_ignore_headers Expires;
proxy_ignore_headers CacheControl;
expires 30d;

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