Call Of Duty 7 Black Ops PC Dna Hack ^HOT^

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Call Of Duty 7 Black Ops PC Dna Hack

the new black ops console rapture is an emotive control pad that responds to the player’s mood. used during training or in-game, it can be used to call in airstrikes, deploy drones, shoot down enemy drones, or raise the player’s attack rating. when used to call in drones, the rapture will also detect enemy drones and raise the player’s drone rating. the player can also use this device to call in new equipment, and change the game’s difficulty.

additionally, the player can complete challenges to unlock additional weapon attachments. the attributes of the attachments can be tweaked with the black box interface, and with a full range of three new attachments added at launch, an array of customisation is possible. the player is given the choice to equip any of the gun attachments available during a loadout slot.

to unlock weapons and gear as they are earned, players must complete a series of challenges. once they’ve completed the quest to earn the weapons, players can equip them in the game’s loadout slots. the loadout slots are arranged in a slightly different order than previous call of duty titles, with the order being: primary weapon, explosive device, recon, support, specialist, equipment, and marksman.

in order to make the story more interesting, the player will now be able to unlock new weapons and equipment by doing challenges. they can be collected from the game’s black box interface or through black ops‘ “secondary weapon wheel”. [13] this allows the player to unlock a whole new layer of customization as the game progresses.


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