Battlefield Bad Company 2 No Cd Crack Gamecopyworld _VERIFIED_

Battlefield Bad Company 2 No Cd Crack Gamecopyworld _VERIFIED_


Battlefield Bad Company 2 No Cd Crack Gamecopyworld

with that said, there are many companies that sell and distribute used games online, which will work for you if the game isnt available anymore. for example, you can visit, and buy a used copy of battlefield bad company 2.

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i wish i could say i did, but i did not. at the time, i didnt know about
the decrypted source code, i was only trying to recover the game from a
copy of the retail disk i had bought, and was having no success. i
noticed a game running in the background, so i figured that it was
probably a crack or something, i just wanted to know what it was.
i didnt bother reporting the situation, i just figured it was the
company’s attempt to prevent people from using pirated copies. i
later found the source code and managed to make a copy of it, but
that was only after the company had launched bfbc2 on the pc (i
bought the game shortly after release, and was able to play the
game with no problems).

i have since regretted not reporting the cracked version to the
company, and making a copy of the source code. it would have been
great to help them to fix the problems with their cracked copies.

i have since been informed that a crack for bfbc2 was released before
the retail release. the company is still maintaining that their
original release was the first one, and they continue to try to
prevent people from using pirated copies of the game.

i can assure you, it was not my intention to release a crack,
although it’s possible i may have accidentally forgotten to remove
the crack. either way, i hope that whoever did release a crack
did so with the company’s permission, as it would have given them
the opportunity to fix their own broken copies, instead of trying
to prevent people from using pirated copies.

as an aside, i have now created my own
site and am selling game clones as well as cracks (and legal copies
of illegal games). if you’re interested in anything, send me an
email. the site is still under construction, so it’s not really
ready for public use, but it’s in the works.

i believe that the retail version of bfbc2 was the first to use
starforce. i don’t know exactly when, but the crack was probably
released prior to the retail release. there were many problems
with the cracked versions, mostly affecting the online play (as
they did not use the starforce drivers). all of the fixes were
released in patches for bfbc2, but the cracks continued to exist
until the company released bfbc2 for the pc (which was later
released on the xbox 360).

the reason the company is so concerned about this is because
many people are using pirated copies and not reporting it, which is
why they maintain that they are the first to release bfbc2 for
pc. i have been informed that the retail release was in fact the

i am sorry that i didn’t report the cracked version of bfbc2,
which was only released because of the company’s behavior.


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