Asus Eee Pc 1015 Hotkey Driver !!EXCLUSIVE!!


Asus Eee Pc 1015 Hotkey Driver

on the asus eee pc 1015, the wifi drivers may be included with the integrated 802.11n card, or they may be downloaded and installed as a separate package. the driver for the 802.11n card is included with the wifi drivers.

the expose keyboard applet lets you force the function keys to act as they would on a “normal” computer (such as to toggle usb ports). to install, you’ll need to remove the keyboard driver for your keyboard, and then install this one. enable “expose” in the keyboard’s options, and “use as a standard usb keyboard” when asked. to enable it, follow these steps. while the keyboard is connected, right-click the desktop, and select properties. click the desktop tab, and then click the button that says “settings”. click “configure desktop” and uncheck the box that says “hide desktop icons”. click “ok”. now click on the third box, and select “customize”.

you can try this patch for the asus acpi driver. it should fix this problem as well as improve the battery life of the laptop in the long run. to patch the asus acpi driver file 1st you have to download a small exe file from another site. when you have download the file it will extract a file called 011018.exe. copy and paste this file to the root directory of the “c:/windows” folder. then you need to open the asus acpi driver folder 1st in order to patch the driver. from the windows start menu, press the button winkey+r or go to run. in the search bar type cmd and press enter. in the window that comes up click on the little wrench thingy on the upper right corner. now copy the following text into the window that appears. cd “c:\windows\system32\config”
make 2
then press enter. this will compile the driver. next copy the “011018.exe” file again and paste it in the asus acpi folder. now you should be back to the command line and it should look like this. cd “c:\windows\system32\config”
make 3
then press enter. now your drivers for asus have been patched. to test if the patch worked you can turn on/off any of the devices listed above by pressing the fn+f6 or f5 key on the keyboard. if all works your devices will be on and off accordingly when you press the hotkeys.


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