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regarding management and operational support for the linkage program, several implementing agencies received training, grants or assistance in the following areas: human resources, clinical care, clinical data, medical billing and records, and legal services. several sites received training and assistance in adding additional staff who were capable of providing the range of services needed to connect clients to medical care, including telephonic case management, homecare medical visits and home care monitoring devices. many project directors noted the importance of having an adequate number of staff members who could provide counseling to the clients on topics such as confidentiality and who understood the barriers clients typically encountered with hiv-positive status. staff from implementing agencies have also reported that they provide other services to clients (e.g., free hiv testing and treatment), which enables the client to maintain treatment eligibility and decrease the likelihood of viral transmission. additionally, many sites received assistance and funding to hire clinical data managers or have electronic medical record systems in place to collect and analyze client medical information, which enhanced the ability of project directors to track clients’ hiv medical care activities and ensure timely referrals to hiv medical care and aftercare services. some project directors noted that for clients who met requirements for the artas program, the benefits of linkage to care extended beyond just hiv medical care services, and thus additional case management support was warranted. both long-term case managers and project directors at artas sites felt that on-going hiv medical care and case management was more beneficial to artas clients than the hiv medical care services alone. this led to the realization that long-term case managers could continue to assist with long-term, chronic care management of artas clients when they were transitioned to their caseloads.

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Artas Sam 6.1 License Keygen


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