Tortuga Age Of Piracy (Piraci Nowego Wiata)

Tortuga Age Of Piracy (Piraci Nowego Wiata)


Tortuga Age Of Piracy (Piraci Nowego Wiata)

within a few years of its sale to the state, the english had started to secure their own possessions in the area. a governor was appointed in 1652 and the first houses were built. in 1662 the governor of tortuga was moved to jamaica where he was replaced by the governor of havana and the island was given its present name, tortuga.

the island, on which the town is situated, is an elongated strip of a land lying south of the island of santo domingo in the caribbean, is scarcely one square mile in breadth, and is almost without population, except for the sailors who are constantly on board the rich vessels that frequent its waters.

piracy officially ended after the treaty of utrecht in 1713 with the treaty of utrecht (spanish: tratado de utrecht ), which repealed the provisions of the spanish law known as the royal council of the indies, which was enacted by philip iii and published on may 18, 1686, and made the west indies a peaceful zone. no ship can start a search for pirates until they were detected.

the island became a favorite haunt of pirates since its location gave security from spanish warships. a series of caribbean island fortresses were developed, and served as bases for the pirates. in 1651, when the british captured the spanish main, they completed their conquest of the island of cayo sur ,
grand anse , praia grande and used it as a base for the slave trade.

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