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The four Disc Three features are all episodic (episodes) – Green Lantern: Mosaic, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Return of the Green Lantern Corps and the rare Green Lantern The Animated Series: Superman vs the Green Lanterns. All episodes are simply 2 minute bursts of story, no additional commentary, and containing the original episodes in their entirety. These are all re-packaged episodes of Justice League Unlimited (from Mosaic) and Superman & The Animated Series (from The Animated Series).

Green Lantern: Mosaic (1:47) – Hal Jordan has to travel the universe for a Green Lantern and gets caught up in an adventure with other Lanterns, monsters and, eventually, the Injustice League. And we get to see a much younger Hal in this episode that seems to be working out who he is with his powers. The same voice actor is used as both Hal and his mentor for the whole of the episode and it’s good to see them in the same costume with his new jacket and hat (it’s a bit confusing in Mosaic to still see the mentor in his classic image). This is a good look at a less-developed version of Green Lantern.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (1:40) – Hal Jordan is in another Green Lantern adventure, this time joined by his childhood friend (and future wife) Carol Ferris. Once again, lots of costumes and voices, but some standout performances include Chad Lowe as a green gunner and Michael T. Weiss as the voice of Kilowog. Also, be careful for some stray TV spoilers.

I’m currently studying a sociology degree, but I’ve always been an avid fan of comics. So when Green Lantern started coming to life, I was really interested in seeing what the animated form could come up with. And I was not disappointed. In fact, I think this is probably one of the best superhero films of all time. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The movie is from Warner Bros., and they have been pretty awful in the past. The story is quite interesting, although it is interesting in that it makes no sense. The main characters are likeable, the DC animation style is certainly a far cry from the Disney style, but in a way, it’s more in line with the other DC properties. One of the best parts of the film is the music, the score is one of the best superhero-movie scores I’ve ever heard. It really makes you get into the movie and have fun. In this movie, Green Lantern gets to feel heroic, rather than the alien on a power ring that he has been portrayed as in the comics. It really makes this movie worth watching. In fact, it’s well worth buying a ticket for (but save yourself from having a bad day, it’s a 13 hour movie).
Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern, and is sent to earth by the green lanterns to save earth from the chaos of Abin’s death. So far, so good, but then he uses his ring to quickly and easily go to a life in space.
In his quest to become a Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is guided by Sinestro, who’s own quest to become leader of the Green Lantern Corps is the only thing holding the balance of power between good and evil at the cost of the universe itself. With Jordan’s newfound abilities and Sinestro’s duplicity, can the Green Lanterns’ fight the war to save the universe, or must both sides strike a fatal blow to an alien race that is keeping the balance on the line?The Green Lantern 1.0 is special among different incarnations of the Green Lantern mythos because there’s a certain universality of values and beliefs that are common to all Green Lanterns that makes it feel as if the main purpose of this film is to simply showcase the breadth of abilities of its title character and give us a glimpse into the life and times of a potential Earthling hero.The Green Lantern 1.0 is no masterpiece of composition, but it is a very well-made, sincere, and entertaining origin story. The medium of hand-drawn animation is surprisingly effective in creating an imaginative universe, and there’s a gritty, cynical veracity in the way that this movie deals with Earth politics and society. There’s a moodiness to this movie that makes the event of this movie somewhat tragic and the consequences of the various members’ actions very deeply felt. The script is an interesting mix of humor and heart, it can occasionally get bogged down in one-liners and silly characters, but the cast is strong and true, the directing and animation are great, the music is alternately moody and epic, and the sound design is excellent.That’s not to say that this movie is perfect. Several characters could stand to be fleshed out more, the action sequences could stand to expand on the series’ mythology a little more (though the action scenes in this one are mostly pretty solid), the event itself could stand to be much longer, some of the characters stand to be more fleshed out (particularly the ailing Sinestro), and the ending is genuinely tragic.But in its own way, the Green Lantern 1.0’s clear heart is in the right place, and it may lack much in terms of beautiful writing or epic battles, but it remains completely inspiring thanks to its anti-corporate agitprop, melodrama, and its emotion-packed, gorgeously animated story of one human’s creation into a hero.Green Lantern: First Flight is perhaps the best Green Lantern movie. I don’t mean it in the shallow way that means that one of the effects was awesome or the story held up well. Rather, First Flight’s greatness lies in its focus on character. Sinestro is the villain and Hal Jordan is the protagonist; Ganthet and Guy Gardner are mostly off-screen. First Flight is about the young man of faith and about the Green Lantern’s belief system, which is what makes this film so great, and something that more than most of the other Green Lantern movies: Most of these other movies don’t really deal with the conflict between corporate identity and personal identity, between being a representative of a corporate entity and being an individual. First Flight does.The film starts off with the young Hal Jordan being sent to a desolate training facility, with no one to teach him how to be a Green Lantern. As he trains for a year, he learns about the concepts of spirituality, justice, and wonder, and learns to harness his newly-gained powers, all of which he shares with you.

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