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Roblox is an online platform for users to program games, build houses, create their own unique theme parks, and create their own locations. The platform has four main parts: a sandbox for developers to create games, an item creator that allows users to create items that can be used in games, a region creator that lets users create locations for their games, and an in-game chat for users to communicate with each other. In addition, Roblox has allowed users to make over 100,000 tracks for its players. Roblox has existed since 2004, but it gained popularity in 2012 with the release of its first programming language, Lua.
The first-person shooter game Bullet Ballet was developed on the platform in 2012 and received a critical success. In 2014, Roblox introduced its first mobile client, which was an adaptation of the Roblox Engine intended for Android and iOS devices.

The first web browser game, Social! Kitty City, was created on Roblox’s mobile client in 2015. Roblox realized greater success when, in late 2015, it introduced its first dedicated web browser, Roblox Live. The first major commercial game of Roblox was Big Huge Games’ Wipeout Omega, a football-themed video game that was released in early 2016. In 2017, Roblox released Paper Town, a sandbox game that was intended to be the platform’s first role-playing game.
Roblox is free to play for users with access to the Robux virtual currency, which can be purchased with real-world money. Roblox has offered in-game benefits, such as in-game purchases, for Robux. In the beginning, the company’s revenue came from the Robux sales, but as the site’s success grew, Roblox developed other sources of revenue, including sponsorships, advertising, in-game items, and mobile applications.
Roblox is known for its diversity of content. As of 2015, Roblox had games aimed at preschoolers, as well as games aimed at teenagers, such as the horror-themed Murder Mansion and the survival-themed UltraSurf. The platform has also included games for the LGBT community, such as a 2012 game called Rainbow Roller Coaster Adventure which was accessible through a pop-up window. The company has made efforts to make the content accessible to its user base by updating its services to support accessibility features, such as screen readers and colorblind modes. Additionally, Roblox has in-


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