Enuma Elish Poema Completo Pdf Download |TOP|

Enuma Elish Poema Completo Pdf Download |TOP|

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Enuma Elish Poema Completo Pdf Download

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download pdf of Enuma elish free online. Free app now available for Windows Phone. a poem written by a uaean king named Gilgamesh.

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The Enuma Elish is one of the oldest stories known to mankind. The Enuma Elish in Sumerian Bible Enuma Elish is the first creation myth (or the first epic poem) of the Sumerian people and one of the oldest poems in the world. It tells the story of Enki, the lord of creation, creating the world and the universe; it includes a great flood and one of the earliest descriptions of the planet Earth. The poem is dated to be c. 3000 BC. The name Enuma elish means, literally, “descendents of Enki”.
It consists of eight long (875 lines) and one short (35 lines) stanzas and is subdivided into twelve sub-sections. It was first written on clay on the southern wall of the Eanna temple in Uruk, “the oldest surviving piece of art”, said to date from c. 2800 BC. Its first performance was by King Zimri-Lim, the 22nd dynasty king of the Third Dynasty of Ur c. 2600 BC. The poem has been transmitted with only a few variations in its whole history, though it has been called “The Epic of Creation” for some time.

The following texts are some of the most important scholars of all times in the analysis and study of the Enuma Elish. Auerbach, J. (1933).

Hermann W. Floss, Ph.D. (1947) made a critical analysis of the Enuma Elish. I. The Enuma Elish is not a mere creation myth. It is a genuine poem, probably intended for a special religious or ritual use.II. It belongs to the dialect of Sumer and is more or less very close to the language of the Sumerians.

C.E. Dreyfus, Ph.D. (1952) made some of the most important and complete studies of the Enuma Elish.

S.A.D. Strong, Ph.D. (1956) made the first critical and philological study of the Enuma Elish. The Enuma Elish is a cultural masterpiece, and any study of the Enuma Elish must be able to document this fact. The importance of this is related to the fact that, by the time it was performed, the Sumerians had reached a high degree of civilization. That is, they were a highly civilized people, who knew their own language,


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