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I want to use the adblock extension for chrome and ff as I need to download.m3u8 and.ts files from a youtube playlist. I’ve managed to install the adblock with the help of However, I still can’t see the extension icon.
Any idea on how can I get the adblock working?


There’s a trick with the adblock chrome extension. Put it in your profile directory (e.g. C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application) and link it to your chrome shortcut by replacing the last two parameters (e.g. chrome-extension:// [id]/ [url] ) with:
chrome-extension://aapjealexhgkjmpmmaoibpbodcmbjfm/?url= &pageURL=

chrome-extension://aapjealexhgkjmpmmaoibpbodcmbjfm/?url= &pageURL=%2F

The only problem is that they are a little vague on the matter.
I found the answer here:


The Hunt for Red October Online

About This Game

The Hunt for Red October online features several mission modes and a few map modes:

Story Mode:

The mission:

On October 5, 1988, a Soviet nuclear submarine carrying a nuclear torpedo is accidentally launched into the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Jack J. Kennedy, a nuclear-powered submarine based in the US Atlantic Fleet, tracks the sub to its destination: a US Navy Naval Base in Spain. USS Jack J. Kennedy is tasked to recover the nuclear torpedo.

Your mission is to enter the waters off Spain, locate the sub, and attempt to recover the nuclear weapon from the vessel.

The sub is equipped with a

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