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The font was seen in: *FNUŐG[SX]is produced under license by:. The software is subject to the terms and conditions of the Windows 95 end user license agreement (EULA), or to the EULA of the current version of the software.

However, there was no status for version 1.92A. NeoTrace Pro 3.25 1.78M. Nero Drive . were also well-developed ([@bib0235]). Thus, although the θ-band coherence over the frontopolar ROI (\>0.99) was found within the sensor domain, only θ-band coherence over the lower-parietal ROI (0.95) was found in the source domain. This result suggests that high temporal coherence might be a local sign of high memory consolidation, driven by long-lasting FC changes in the parietal cortex, while the frontopolar activity does not necessarily reflect persistent FC, but could reflect other neural processes that are co-occurrent and result in the high SNR ([@bib0170]). This reasoning is in line with previous findings ([@bib0315]), in that the functional effects of long-term learning may originate from parietal sources, but not necessarily the frontopolar cortex (see also [@bib0385]).

Besides these, frontopolar theta coherence was found to be highly dynamic. As one would expect from two sources with a similar oscillatory frequency, the coherence between the sources first decreased for a few seconds and later increased again, although at a lower level, suggesting that the bilateral frontopolar activity was initially filtered out by the phase-unwrapping procedure.

To be noted, [@bib0135] analyzed the frontopolar theta power in an early-learning phase of visual categorization in relation to upcoming action, as well as in a late-learning phase. They found a significant decrease in power during the early-learning phase, but no modulation

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