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When you get a new way of making pictures, you expect it to get smaller and smaller, and better and better. When the shot your using is a digital camera, for example, you’re used to the fact that a compact flash card holds a few megabytes of stored data, and that one megabyte of data is enough to hold a day’s worth of pictures.

Unfortunately, the same thing isn’t true for film. When you’re talking about the size of this floppy film, you’re talking about 200 to 250mg of film, and this is enough for about four, two hour movies.

How easy is it to put a film in the camera? Not very. It’s basically just a cassette tape with a little pull out tab on each side. If you get the film pre-loaded, you get a little plastic cartridge to shove it into. If you plan on loading it yourself, you need to follow some guidelines. First, you need a film cartridge loading guide from the manufacturer. Some are simple, others have a crank on one side.

The Polaroid PAD200 is one of the last of the old school films. No thumb wheels to wind, no digital zoom, no optical zoom, no ‘click-turn-click-turn-click-click’ when you’re trying to focus on something. Just take a picture, and take another one. So what is this floppy film like? It’s pretty awesome! When we first got this film, we were pretty excited. It’s a real old school film, and as a result, doesn’t look like any other floppy film we’ve seen. It looks expensive, and it could hardly fit on our camera, the PAD200.


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