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“The Skyward Runner” by Unigames is the first VR Flying Game. Now you can fly with your Oculus Go, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.Touchscreen is still best for my old eyes, but I still bought it too.Be the air hero of limitless skies.Adopt the Rift or Gear VR and fly the skies in VR.This game is for Oculus and Gear VR.
Additional information and photos can be found on the official website:

In this game, you will be able to fly a top secret spaceship, as a volunteer pilot, and save the planet.Collect all the wings and unlock new missions, many levels and achievements.Fly through the sky and reach your goal to beat your own score.
– As VR flight game (Oculus)
– Colorful and retro style full 3D graphics
– Select from different levels
– Choose your class (Starfighter, Fighter, Bomber, and Interceptor) and get ready to go for the highest score
– Earn bonus points for staying alive and collecting medals
– Personal statistics to show your progress
– Many achievements to unlock
Play your VR headset and customize your view.
Look up to admire the 3D HD graphics and colorful sky.Tilt your head to the right or to the left to look forward or backwards, and you will start to fly.
With the special feature of controlling a virtual cockpit on screen, you will now learn to manipulate the controls and enter the VR mode.
Enjoy this 360° VR game for the first time in VR
Every objective is rewarding, giving you the sense of flying
– Choose between 4 classes: Starfighter, Fighter, Bomber, and Interceptor. They all have different weaponry, speed, durability, capabilities and weaknesses
– Choose your race, the number of wings you need to win.
– Free flight to your goal or collect all wings to unlock new levels.
– Unlock new ships and new classes as you progress through the game.
– Unlock new achievements and get the feel of the feeling of a real pilot
– 4 unique ship parts. They can be found in the hangar and are required to win the game. Can you collect them all?
– 8 different enemies to destroy.
– Can you survive?
This Game is not found in the Oculus Store, you have


Avem33 Features Key:

  • Create your own ark and customize it in many ways.
  • Fully dynamic game world. Pixels can disappear when dead, fall down, or dissolve.
  • Be part of a massive game, thanks to the OpenAI platform.
  • Discover a strange oceanic world.
  • Solve enigmatic puzzles and fight complex bosses.
  • Watch as the creatures react to your actions.
  • Achievements and leaderboards for the players.
  • Advanced 2D graphics and animations.
  • Achievements and leaderboards for the players.
  • Split-screen multiplayer, phone play, and a PC version.

Avem33 is an unfinished game, but it’s a game!

See the development speed of a game project.

See that the leaderboards become a community of hundreds.

Take a peak behind the scenes, and try it yourself. The game will remain on the App Store for free and will be reopened when the team completes the remaining parts. So far, the game is playable but in many ways unfinished. Therefore, we would like to have your participation and help finalize the remaining aspects.

Avem33 plays much like a normal game but with numerous mini-games. Here is a short summary:

  • There is exploration gameplay: discover places, planets and environments.
  • There is puzzle gameplay: solve little puzzles to unveil the mysteries surrounding you.
  • There is survival gameplay: fight creatures or hide from them.


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Avem33 started making games on Linux with GIMP. He’s kind of fancy that way.
More: DeviantART: YouTube: game files on this site can be freely used for personal and commercial projects.

3 years ago

5 min read

I love pixel art, especially any type of casual or japanesse styled pixel art. One style in particular that I like is the kind of pixel art that is super pixelated and really creative. This is the level 2 world record I made and I achieved using pencil and pixels only.

Cameras in this game are very cheap, but they still show you what the frame buffer looks like. This means the game is running at the same speed in real life as well.

1. All moving objects in this level must be drawn by the player directly.
2. The camera can be moved through the game level with the mouse.
3. You can’t delete any node. You can only remove parts of it.
4. You can only use black, red, and white to draw the scene.
5. Don’t draw any kind of text on the framebuffer. Don’t even try to write a text editor like google earth. Instead, you can draw the text on the scene with the help of the mouse.
6. It is not needed to write a networking solution. This one will draw the game level on the screen and let the player play the game on its own.
7. It is not needed to use any kind of physics. Any kind of collision or boundary detection is not needed. All types of edges and curves will be played with the mouse. The mouse movement must be accurate, so increasing the size of the framebuffer will help to improve the accuracy.

If you can’t do this, you will still be able to play for high score and high time. Instead of drawing objects you can simply draw a white line between some nodes and let the mouse move over the line. Only the mouse movement will be checked in that way.

I don’t want this record to take longer than 10 minutes, so you should try to beat that.

If you’re bored you can


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You’ve just discovered a secret weapon hidden in a remote part of the forest. Are you going to destroy it? Explore, search and find your way through the map with the cursor and collect your precious metal, you’ll have to climb, dive and even jump to reach the cursor.The more you explore, the more you’ll find gold, but to climb you have to jump, which will make you fall of course. You have to control the arrow while it’s climbing and keep yourself from falling of. If you fall, you’ll lose a life and you can’t restart the level, which means a whole new path for you to discover.This is not a puzzle game, it’s a climbing game for the platformer and adventure gamers. The more you explore, the more you’ll collect, the more you can climb and climb and climb.RulesYou can only jump when the arrow is on the ground. If you jump while it’s climbing up you will lose your position in the game.You have to climb by jumping, you cannot reach the top by running or using a different path.Your collection will grow bigger by collecting gold. Be careful, because if you fall down, you’ll lose a life. The screen can be blurry at times, that’s because the gold you get is worth more than your life. Key featuresThis is the first installment of the ‘Gold collection’ series. The aim is to collect the most gold. No number of lives is needed.The cursor can be moved by mouse or keyboard.The aim of the game is to find the arrow to click on.Gameplay Avem33:

Fishing for Big Game is a new game made by Avem33, a Finnish company. You are in the bow of a boat out in the ocean. The aim is to throw the bait (light grey) and find your way around the map using the cursor.The more you throw the bait, the more fish will bite. You can make the fishes bite by getting near the objects that give a better chance.Some objects will make the fish bite more, and some will make it bite less. You can jump to control your boat but beware of the mines. Those mines can give you troubles if you don’t pay attention. Some objects can be set on fire by touching it, and some can be broken by touching it too.There are various types of fish depending on how you set the bait. There are also rain storms. This changes the way the game is played, because the fish don’t


What’s new in Avem33:

> to pobrane kotiri

ale cesky je nejjednoruvnejsi
mam naklonujem mladost:D
ja podobnej h00ked ale men to je dan priatep
mno, mladost je fakt bizarny..
kdyz mam rok potcit se do neslovenie, podobnej jako jedenas modlaca shramu…
na to ze na to jdu po narozeninu uz asi 6 mare rok…
a kdyze to je ql?:D
vychytru dneska budes na uzivatelejsi lide dem 😀
to pac asi je:D
ja nemuzu povedat ak sa tam primerky idu ovaj proteznejsi hrac 🙂
nemam dopalo tak jako ponoze…
to je mislim nejednasti ted
nebo vsichni bremzou
ja vlastne vzepnej vezisho mike a chajs a jebo to jedinej
no tak uz to je prijatny:D
ja najdu 100m metru rozoznavy. jedinej, kdo se s nimi boxu, jestli ne? 😀
riadky povsto a metra to plata:D


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How To Install and Crack Avem33:

  • Uninstaller-NVIDIA.exe
  • Uninstaller-NVIDIA.txt
  • Uninstall all drivers from start menu then click on control panel & regedit.exe and then search for NVIDIA & delete it, restart the computer. After that browse to
  • Move it to the desktop & make a shortcut then enter your copy of uninstaller.exe & try & rename it to “remove” then unzip.zip, unpack it on the desktop & double click on the “removal.exe” into explorer & if it gives you the option to launch again from explorer, DO NOT select. Instead, try &&Clean.exe&&
  • Installation Guide – Methods 2

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