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Data is showing that it is not. A growing body of evidence suggests the prevalence of casual sex, although an extremely effective antidote to loneliness and social isolation, does not necessarily have negative consequences for physical and mental health. The issue is not simply that having sex is a pleasurable thing to do — it’s that having casual sex has been elevated to a cultural standard (and even a prerequisite for a healthy sex life), which means that more and more people are indulging in it.
According to the “hookup culture,” casual sex is the norm, as long as you’re careful and consistent about birth control. Yeah, right. Photo: Vetta/Photodisc/Getty Images It’s obvious that when dating apps exploded, casual sex became more acceptable. Because of this change in culture, casual sex can become easy, convenient, and it’s less hassle to have that steamy encounter while the person’s not thinking about anything else.
Consider that phone searches for sex lines started increasing more than 200 percent in the U.S. between 2007 and 2014, and that Americans spent twice as much time on dating apps in 2017 as they did in 2012. That last figure of 200 percent just shows that sex tech is becoming the norm — and that as normality shifts, expect these numbers to skyrocket.
That also means as men pursue sex on their phones, they can have more fun and expertise (and less anxiety) when it comes to using dating apps for meeting people. This isn’t to discount phone sex apps and their novelty. They are relatively new, and probably really helpful in providing temporary relief for some people who suffer from anxiety and depression.
These apps are also really popular now because they work so well. If you have a busy life and can’t or won’t get to the community center or the other person lives far away or in another country, these apps can provide a crucial outlet for people that need a break and need quick, safe, and discreet relief.
Here are five of the best apps to find casual sex with other hot, available people. Bumble When a lady puts herself out there on a dating app, it’s definitely not because she’s looking for the same thing you are.
And to be fair, the guys that look for’real relationships’ from their dating apps are the biggest creeps on the planet. The purpose of the app is to put women back in control, and it does this by allowing women to use their discretion on whether to search for sex or a long-term partnership.
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It’s true that casual sex has been common for years, but it didn’t have a name or a “look” to it — and casual hookups were generally just your “typical” ones with someone that you don’t know really well. But once more sex in such a brief context was made acceptable (think of all the websites and apps that started up in the 2000s), it just opened up a much wider field of possible casual sex partners, all of which are on the app anyway.
As a result, casual sex has been extended so much that now, where sex isn’t always in the forefront of your mind, it is instead the default. And it is casual sex that helps to make hookups really popular on these apps. And as it turns out, casual sex really is much better if you actually care about the people you are having sex with.
Is casual sex safe?
If this is something you’re considering, then first of all, there are many things to think about. Are you ready for sex? Will you be able to perform perfectly or risk causing injury to yourself or your partner? If you’re answering, “yes” to both questions, then you’re good to go. But what if you’re a little skittish about either or both of these aspects of casual sex? It’s better to have the conversation about whether or not you’re a good match for each other before you get naked. If you’re not in agreement, then casual sex isn’t the right avenue for you.
But if you aren’t interested in casual sex, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t — or can’t — be monogamous. The underlying thing is that you just don’t want to have sex with anyone. And if it’s a trend that you have a lot of trouble moving away from, then it’s worth getting support from some close friends and rethinking your decision. Maybe you want to get tested for STDs. Maybe you don’t. What matters is that you do, so you don’t get in a bad place.
Getting tested before casual sex is important, but if you’ve already done so, then having casual sex is perfectly safe if you are clear about consent and have sex within what are considered “safe” conditions — that is to say, you have both agreed to the possibility that having sex can be unsafe, and that you have mutually prepared against said risk.
At the end of the day, casual sex is only going to get bigger. Casual sex has been going on

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