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1. Casual sex in movies and TV can be harmful to teenagers.
The show in question: Mädchen In Uniform, from 1995. It is regarded as one of the first American teen romantic comedies to accurately portray teens having sex.

2. Casual sex has been hijacked by misogynists

Commentators have been criticizing video games for allowing the ability to cheat (to gain unfair advantages in the game) and casual sex for games like Ooblets for making heterosexual relationships trivial.

3. Casual sex harms the brain

Studies find that people who had casual sex were more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms than people who had been in relationships.

4. Porn reduces self-control.

Women who consumed porn were less likely to report that they limited their own behavior, including casual sex, than women who reported no porn use.

5. Casual sex leaves people with a lower sex drive.

In one study, participants were asked about their casual sexual encounters. The responses were summed up and presented to participants again a few weeks later. After that interval, the participants reported lower sex drive than those who had not engaged in casual sexual encounters.

In another study, men who had sex while intoxicated reported being more willing to have casual sex than sober men.

6. Casual sex can lower levels of attachment and sense of safety.

Those who have had casual sex may be more likely to view attachment needs as less salient than avoiding risk and as less threatening than to cultivate self-reliance.

7. Casual sex may cause a decline in self-esteem.

Participants in a study were asked about their sexual behavior. The participants who had casual sex expressed a higher self-esteem than did those who had had a more serious sexual relationship.

8. Casual sex puts you at a greater risk for anxiety and depression.

The casual sex may also be linked with anxiety and depression.

The study in question was funded by San Francisco State University.

9. Casual sex may be associated with unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

The teen birth rate in the U.S. began declining in the early 1990s. Research shows that this decline took place despite a large increase in the number of teen births. The decline coincided with an increase in the number of teens engaging in casual sex.

10. Casual sex makes people older.

The number of teens reporting having sex for the first time in a given year has increased
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1. Early-stage pregnancy prevention. If you’ve never had sex before, chances are you’re not planning on it. Although your body is still kind of a blank slate, there’s a big chance that, should you become accidentally pregnant, your future child will have certain health-related issues. Don’t risk your future fertility just because you feel like being adventurous.
2. Familial diseases.

Boys seem to have a hard time when they’re “close” to another guy and find that things aren’t quite “awesome” as planned. This could be because our culture pushes boys to be in touch with their feelings, whereas our culture also asks girls to repress their feelings, leading a lot of girls to be somewhat cynical and fearful of being loved and vulnerable.
3. Also a sense of togetherness?

4. Health risks. Even if you’ve been on the pill the entire time you’ve been “dating” your Boyfriend, you can still end up having unprotected sex if you’re not careful.
5. Hotels. It is a very common story. A couple finds a hotel room, you get a room and he gets a room, but the real room is right there in the hall.
6. Just for the sake of it, and for the sake of discussing the history of casual sex. Also college hookups, and the feminist critique of it. So, not really.
7. Basically, the major problem that arises from casual sex is, however, that after some time, it’s not “as fun” as you initially thought.

Whenever people are sexual, they tend to use things like nakedness and paying attention to other people’s bodies as a kind of guide. In reality, however, trying to “get something” without establishing some connection or other gives women even less of an opportunity to be satisfied by their sexuality.
“It’s more like, you know, I just want to fuck him, but I don’t care about the conversation,” said one 18-year-old, and it’s hard to argue with her. What’s that you say? She also might not want to have a meaningful relationship, because the drive to get one or two hard cocks in her vagina is stronger than the desire to find someone who would be a good fit?
Not at all. In the case of the dater who likes the idea of a one-night-stand but is actually worried about finding a great man with which

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