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As one of the first commercially available CAD applications, AutoCAD was introduced in 1982. The first version was written for the 80286 microprocessor. The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2017. AutoCAD is a software that enables the creation and manipulation of 2D and 3D objects that can be printed, displayed, annotated, saved as other files, and published. The software can be used for drafting, architectural design, mechanical design, civil engineering, electronics design, mechanical drawing, landscaping and architectural visualizations. It is used to produce 2D and 3D drawings and drawings directly from the computer using a tablet and pen, or with a keyboard and mouse.

2D Drafting

With a Windows PC, AutoCAD includes advanced design tools that can be used to plan and create 2D drawings on paper or on a screen. This section explains the basic steps in 2D drafting.

1. Select a Drafting Area

Before creating a drawing, you have to select a drawing area, which is the location on a paper or a screen where the drawing will be created.

In the Home tab, the first item in the Navigation Pane is the Drawing Commands panel. It is the place where you select the drawing area. In the Drawing Commands panel, you can select a paper space and a layout space.

The Drawing Commands window

The Drawing Commands window is the place where you select a paper space and a layout space. You can select a paper space and a layout space by clicking the Paper/Plotter and Plotter/Paper buttons, respectively, in the Drawing Commands panel.

By default, the paper space is the active space, meaning it is the space that contains the active drawing. If you are working in an existing drawing, then the layout space is the active space, and the paper space is inactive. To create a new drawing, select the Layout space. In the Select Space dialog box, select the paper space (the Layout space by default) in the Paper/Plotter group.

Select a paper space in the Drawing Commands panel.

If you have multiple paper spaces open and the drawing area is not selected in the active space, select the area where you want the drawing area. In the Home tab, in the Navigation Pane, click the Drawing Commands panel, click the Drawing Area command.

The second drawing area on the left of the Drafting window.


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Basic commands
AutoCAD allows users to draw basic geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, and rectangles. There are five types of shapes:
The simple shape, which can be drawn with mouse-based methods
The compound shape, which is drawn using a parent object and multiple child objects
The box shape, which can be made from any of the geometric shapes, as well as from other types of objects.
The direct shape, which is any of the geometric shapes.
The special shape, which is any of the geometric shapes. The special shape can be used as a default shape for creating a compound or a direct shape.

For AutoCAD to be in common parlance, it must support drafting in both 2D and 3D modes. Although 2D drafting is more commonly referred to as 2D, AutoCAD is sometimes called 2D or CAD, as in “drafting with AutoCAD” or “using AutoCAD”. This usage of the term is a little confusing, because AutoCAD is a software package that includes both 2D and 3D versions, and the term 2D is not necessarily referring to 2D drafting. In the 2D mode, the user can either draw a line on the screen, or choose a tool from the drawing toolbox and then draw a line on the screen. In the 3D mode, the user can either create a box on the screen, or choose a tool from the 3D toolbox and then draw a box on the screen. When drawing in the 3D mode, the user sees the model in the context of the world, usually in a 3D window, which may include a number of buttons on the screen that allow the user to navigate the 3D scene. In addition to the 3D mode, AutoCAD also supports an orthographic view, which can be used to create plan views, section views, or other orthographic views of the model. The user can also draw a shape in the 2D drawing mode and then “glimpse” or display it in the 3D drawing mode.

In AutoCAD, a mouse is also used to draw a line, by using the Line (L) tool or the Freehand (F) tool. The Line tool allows the user to click the mouse in any of the drawing window’s pages, which are typically on the screen at the same time, and to draw a line by dragging the mouse along the page. When the user has finished drawing


Choose Settings, Applications, Autodesk, Autocad 16.0.

When you choose to activate the software, you can either be prompted to buy a subscription or upgrade from a free trial.

Enter your Autocad login credentials, then select Help, Activation.

Select your country and product, then proceed with the process.

There are a few more steps which you can follow like registering your product with your email id or mobile number, changing the language, etc.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Imagine a world where in-place markup tools such as TabStrip and TextStrip are seamlessly accessible and shareable. You wouldn’t have to first export a file, then import it back in to build and send your feedback. The AutoCAD Editor can do that, now. See the integration video:

This version includes our first real-time collaborative design experience. In addition to the already powerful drafting features, AutoCAD 2023 will automatically update your colleagues’ drawings with your changes when they are synced. AutoSync:

Is there any feature that is more powerful in real-time than sharing a drawing in progress? With AutoSync, you can now work with others on a design concurrently and see each others’ edits instantly in your own drawing. Using Dropbox, iOS, or Microsoft Remote Desktop, sync drawings with others via Direct Connect, TeamViewer, or the cloud. See the video:

Imagine a feature that makes it simple to see, comment on, and co-create with others in one place. When you use Draw Over, you can now see another drawing while you edit your own. This feature will be available to all users starting in AutoCAD 2018. See the video:

Design space inheritance

When you import a drawing, the drawing is added to your current AutoCAD workspace. All the existing axes, layers, and linetypes from the existing drawing are also available in the new drawing. In addition, all the blocks and ladders in the imported drawing are also available, ready to use.

In this AutoCAD 2023 video, you can see how the incoming drawing is automatically integrated into the current drawing and start working on that new drawing immediately.

Available with the option Manage Visible Layers, this feature will simplify the onscreen navigation of large designs by hiding layers that you won’t need to display. See the video:

This version of AutoCAD now supports the update paths when creating new and editing existing layers, blocks, and linetypes.

This feature makes it easy for a user to update the appearance of multiple objects on the same layer, based on the object type. In addition, the user will also be notified when any changes are made.

In AutoCAD 2023, the user can update layer configurations and linetypes, without having to manually recode each of them. When editing multiple linetypes, the user

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M / ATI Radeon HD 5870
HDD: 200 GB
Windows 7/8
How to Install?
1. Use Bluestack first.
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3. Install it on Bluestack and play.
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