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AutoCAD for mobile and tablet

AutoCAD web apps (mobile/tablet) do not offer the full functionality of the desktop software and, in many cases, these apps are not connected to a network. Therefore, they cannot access your company data or collaborate with other users via the cloud. If you would like to use the full functionality of the desktop AutoCAD application (i.e. create and edit drawings), we recommend installing the software on your computer.

AutoCAD mobile apps can be used to access some drawings from the Desktop application. To access your company drawings, you will need to log in to your account.

Tablet version

The autoCAD Mobile app lets you view, print, edit and share AutoCAD drawings on the go. It’s useful for businesses that want to keep a close eye on project activity. If you’re mobile and you want to print or edit a drawing that’s not already on your device, you can open a PDF file or use a file hosted on the cloud.

Access to the cloud

Many of the AutoCAD capabilities that exist in the desktop version can be accessed via the web and mobile apps, but there are important differences between them and the desktop version.

The Mobile web app

AutoCAD mobile is accessed via a web browser or mobile app. It can view, print, and edit drawings that you have already created or downloaded from the cloud or online storage, but it cannot import files, design objects or settings from the desktop version. The Mobile web app also limits the number of users who can access the data in your drawing at any time.

Access to the cloud

You need to log in to your company’s account to access AutoCAD data on the cloud. If you have access to your company’s account, you can open drawings from the cloud, edit them, and print the drawings to the device.

Security and privacy

AutoCAD mobile can only access drawings in your company’s account. When you download a drawing to your device, it’s saved in the cloud, but it’s not connected to your company’s network. If you’re not connected to the network, your company’s data will be protected by security and privacy settings that are set on the AutoCAD desktop

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User-specified conditions can be displayed to alert users that certain requirements are not met.

AutoCAD’s dialogue boxes allow the customization of information, for example the callout box and legend box.

AutoCAD has a database engine for creating and managing a database for objects within a drawing.

AutoCAD supports two types of macros: single keystrokes and a command line.

AutoCAD supports a number of standard tags for comments and annotating objects.

AutoCAD can create PDFs, XPSs and DXFs as output formats.

Gesture recognition and mobile access to drawings can be enabled and this allows users to enter drawings and annotations by using their voice.

AutoCAD allows the rendering of 2D and 3D objects to other applications such as other CAD packages, many other graphics software packages, publications, printouts, presentations, some websites and presentations using the rendered images.

AutoCAD uses the PostScript language for outputting drawings in various formats. PostScript files can be embedded in Acrobat or PowerPoint files, or can be transferred to another postscript-compatible program such as a word processor or a graphics program. PostScript files are not self-executing (i.e., do not contain a program or instructions), they are sent to a receiving printer or viewing program to complete the execution. The Windows application Adobe Acrobat Reader can interpret and print PostScript files.

AutoCAD is also capable of rasterizing 2D and 3D images to bitmaps, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and other formats, allowing for high-resolution prints.

Rasterization allows an alternative output from AutoCAD that is bitmap-like but not a raster file. When an object is viewed in AutoCAD, it is first rasterized. After the view is updated, the rasterized object is rendered. When the raster image is viewed in a viewer program, the pixels appear as dots and the image appears like a bitmap image.

AutoCAD also supports a variety of rendering engines for creating images in 3D. These include:
Rhinoceros, which allows the user to create three-dimensional images. Some use Rhinoceros 3D object modeling software for the creation and editing of 3D models, and then output the model to AutoCAD for rendering.
LightWave 3D, which can import 3D files in

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Use the left mouse to select an object, then drag it to a new location. Add a new element or re-purpose an existing one. (video: 2:05 min.)

Make dynamic context-specific changes to your drawings with the new Markup Assist feature. Reuse the same markup across drawings without having to manually recreate it. Use Markup Assist to quickly add point and line, text, and annotation objects to your drawings. (video: 2:12 min.)

Markup Assist and improved DraftSight:

Use markup in your drawings to reuse content, making your work more efficient. Use the mouse and keyboard to quickly select content, apply settings, and preview the result. Choose from more than 100 options for most common markups, such as re-draw, mark up a section, or insert an object. (video: 2:21 min.)

Replace and make selection commands more efficient with the new DraftSight feature. Using the entire screen, select and place objects with the mouse or keyboard. See the changes you make with visual feedback. (video: 2:33 min.)

AutoCAD LT and new Shape Filters:

The new Shape Filters feature helps to visualize hidden parts in 3D drawing. Model part of a scene for visibility, and then preview the result with the new Shape Filter feature. (video: 3:04 min.)

Filter multiple layers in a drawing to display the hidden parts of your model. With the new Shape Filters feature, see what’s underneath your drawing. Select the Shape Filters button to access the new feature. (video: 3:13 min.)

Highlight lines and shapes in a drawing with the new Object Line Height feature. Use the Object Line Height tool to automatically create line styles with your line segments. (video: 3:24 min.)

Use the new Layer Filter feature to view just the visible parts of a model or layer. (video: 3:41 min.)

Combine shape filtering with placement views to see hidden parts in your models and views. Use the new placement view to instantly modify your model or drawing and see how it looks. (video: 3:53 min.)

Using the new command available from the ribbon, “Show Hidden Parts,” see the hidden parts of your model in a 3D window. View hidden

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