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Two main versions of AutoCAD Crack Free Download are available: AutoCAD LT (a low-cost, reduced functionality version of AutoCAD) and AutoCAD Premium (a higher-end, more feature-filled version of AutoCAD). The AutoCAD Professional and AutoCAD LT Premium are delivered as a single, integrated software suite, which includes both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Through version 18, AutoCAD was available for both personal computers and mainframe-based computers. In the version 18 release, which was released in 2010, AutoCAD was the first CAD application to run natively on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. AutoCAD 19 and AutoCAD LT 19 were released in 2011, with AutoCAD release 20 following in 2012. AutoCAD 2011 had around 5,000 retail stores worldwide and AutoCAD 2012 around 4,000.

AutoCAD has continued to grow in popularity, with annual sales increasing by more than 40% in 2013 and 2014, at a rate of approximately 10% annually. AutoCAD was the world’s leading commercial CAD software in 2015.

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD are licensed by the AutoCAD Application program agreement (APA). When you buy AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD Premium, you receive the AutoCAD APA. When you buy AutoCAD Professional or AutoCAD LT Professional, you receive both the APA and the AutoCAD Enterprise software agreement (ESA). The AutoCAD Enterprise software agreement is a contract between your company and Autodesk for the right to use the software.

AutoCAD LT is free, although you are required to purchase AutoCAD LT Premium (available for $129, $89, $59, or $29).

AutoCAD licenses are available for purchase on a personal basis as well as for deployment for an enterprise.

The AutoCAD software suite can also be purchased as an individual product.

AutoCAD LT is licensed by the AutoCAD LT APA. The AutoCAD LT APA is the license for AutoCAD LT users who do not need the entire suite of AutoCAD products. When you buy AutoCAD LT, you receive the APA.

Where can I get AutoCAD?

Prepaid AutoCAD APA – AutoCAD LT only

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AutoCAD 2020 23.1

AutoCAD Download With Full Crack and AutoCAD 2022 Crack LT were the first products to have a command line interface (CLI). AutoCAD Product Key LT (later AutoCAD 2D) had a Windows 2000 GUI shell (GIS) which was optimized for the machine’s graphic card.

AutoCAD released beta versions of AutoCAD 2007. AutoCAD 2007 is a 16-bit application and can only be used on the following operating systems: Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The Autodesk 2007 Application Developer’s Toolkit (ADT) was the primary development tool for creating applications for AutoCAD 2007. New features are included in the free version of AutoCAD 2007 Application Developer’s Toolkit (ADT), while a $10,000 annual license is required to develop applications for AutoCAD 2007. AutoCAD 2007 provides new features for the following areas:

Civil engineering, architecture and engineering design (CAD)
Drafting, layout and graphics (DXL)
Measurement (CMM)
3D modeling (CAD)

AutoCAD 2007 is available as freeware for both Windows and Macintosh computers. However, AutoCAD 2009 (and later) will run only on Windows machines.

AutoCAD 2009 includes:

Civil 3D – creating and editing 3D drawings.
Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) – A desktop application that allows users to create, share and track construction plans and bids.
Interact – an integrated help system for user documentation, AutoLISP Reference, online help and tip of the day information.

An optional package known as AutoCAD 2009 Essentials was also available which contains:

Drawing Fit/Sync – An option that allows users to specify a baseline drawing that should be used to automatically synchronize drawings of the same entity type.
Mobile – A set of tools designed to make it easier for architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners to create, view, and share 2D and 3D drawings on hand-held computers such as PDAs and smartphones.

AutoCAD 2010 (and later) runs only on Windows machines and provides the following features:

Civil 3D 2010 – A Civil 3D version created specifically for governments, utilities and other major public infrastructure contractors
Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) 2010 – A desktop application that allows users to create, share and track construction plans and bids.

Release history

Mac OS

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

If you send AutoCAD your design, it will automatically import the elements you’ve added, including lines, arcs, circles, splines, and polygons. (video: 0:52 min.)

Stereographic Display:

See design elements in their correct positions in 3D, and scale parts or complete assemblies to match your 2D drawings. (video: 1:54 min.)

More control over existing toolbars:

You can change the number and locations of toolbars in your drawing environment, add custom toolbars, and set preferred toolbar configurations. (video: 1:13 min.)

Review your design:

Send your drawing to AutoCAD and see it in your browser, sharing your design with your coworkers and/or clients. (video: 1:10 min.)

Openings and Exits:

Place openings and exits for doors and windows, and control their shapes with the click of a button. (video: 0:51 min.)


Transform drawings to represent alternate configurations or 3D models. (video: 0:54 min.)

Graphical Styles:

Work with graphical styles and turn a selection into a unique shape with a simple click. (video: 1:24 min.)

SVG Support:

Create vector drawings with SVG or PDF files and send them directly to AutoCAD. (video: 0:43 min.)


Manage a collection of photos as 3D content, link them to your drawing, and incorporate 3D models into your 2D drawings. (video: 0:43 min.)


Change, resize, and delete parts in a group with a single click. (video: 0:48 min.)


Make the best decisions with your 2D and 3D designs. Analyze your drawings with a complete suite of tools and symbols for line, surface, spline, polygon, and arc analysis. (video: 0:47 min.)

Surface creation:

Extrude and spline surfaces automatically or manually for your 2D and 3D designs. Use special symbols to create 2D and 3D holes. (video: 0:47 min.)

Symbol and Fillet Creation:

Create symbols and fillets for 2D and 3D applications, and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum Specifications:
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012
System Requirements:

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