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So what is this, finally? Is it just another funny puzzle game with sheep?
Yes, this time we have combined the experience in developing mobile games and puzzle game genres to create this funny casual game with sheep.
The game is for any player who enjoys solving various puzzles.
Why choose Sheep’s Territory?
Even if you’re busy in your everyday life, you can have some fun in Sheep’s Territory. For instance, you can solve the puzzles while you are waiting for your bus in the subway.
You can also relax your brain with Sheep’s Territory.
My opinion of Sheep’s Territory:
This is a story of a sheep who is caught up in a war between wolves and sheep.
In this war, the sheep have the limited space of their farm.
There is a lot of useful information to find in Sheep’s Territory.
How about you?
Do you want to have some fun while you are waiting for your bus?
Write your reviews here:

MayoSoft –
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How to make a Soccer Sport Zone game?
The objective of the game is to beat all the other teams in your zone.
You can score once you pass the ball through all the defensive pillars in a zone.
After that goal, you go to the next zone until all zones are covered.
At this point, you start the next level.
How to play the game?
You have 2 options to play this game. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 balls simultaneously.
You start the game by pressing the Start button.
1. Score a goal
You can press the button to score a goal.
The time left on the ball is displayed on the bottom left of the screen.
You can press the ball to score more balls or press the red button to use another ball.
When the ball is left to the left side of the screen, the ball will disappear and a new ball will appear again.
2. Pass the ball
The balls marked with white dots are the balls that you can use.
You can press and move the cursor to choose a ball.
You can press the blue button to pass the ball to the other players.
You can also pass the ball to the last 5 players if there are.
You can press the red button to switch the player


Z-Exemplar Features Key:

  • Detective Agency Game
  • Action RPG
  • The game is in line with the story
  • Fighting against crime
  • You can also do side stories
  • You are a police detective that has been hired by an INTERPOL officer in an attempt to solve the mystery of her only client’s disappearance. Not only that but you have also been hired to find out if there is any kind of criminal ring behind it, all while you are in direct contact with the Interpol police force. This mixes up the overall story quite well. In addition to this, you have all the essential detective skills which enable you to question, investigate, and unearth the tracks of the case. This makes for a very good mystery game.


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Humanity has reached a point where machines are a common part of life in the most civilized places. Earthen cities and rural areas are heavily populated with devices including building robots, flying drones, vehicles with artificial intelligence and high-tech weapons capable of destroying planets.
For many years, mankind has relied on three mystical forces to protect the galaxy: the Four Elements, life forces and the Intellect. The time has come for a new power to take its place. One that nobody has ever seen before…The Elves and the Goblins are returned to the world, and they have secrets to tell.
Earthen heroes find themselves in danger, but at the same time they are given a glimpse of a new world beyond our own, a world full of magic, adventure and mystery.
Players play as either an Elf or a Goblin, and depending on the race the hero will develop skills and weapons that will play an important role in the adventure. As well as the action and exploration of an RPG, players will encounter numerous creatures, spells, heroes and campaigns to explore.
With the very first human enemies appearing, players will follow in the footsteps of Earthen heroes already in the fight to save the world and save themselves.
Djinni Games, the French-German publisher, present to you SILVERFAIR EARTH AWAKENING. THE FIRST MULTIPLAYER RPG GAME IN EUROPE!
How to play?
To learn how to play on the PC, click on the link below.

Note: The Doomsday Planet (Coordinates x/y: 69.61, -0.72) has been replaced by its new location (Coordinates x/y: 69.61, -0.72).
Thank you very much for your patience, have fun & good luck!


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Raiden Chain (RPG) Gameplay:

Video game Crazy Asian Dude:

Infinite Denduku

Sekaijuu: Kenji no Tatakai, known in Japan as Infinite Dendoku Dai-4-Shichi-ban (), is an arcade game released by Sega in 1986 in their Sega System 16 arcade range. It was also released for the MSX2 home computer in 1987. It was the first arcade game for the MSX2 home computer. It was designed by Kazuma Ide, while the music was composed by Masao Tazaki.


In the game, players control a paddle-shaped character on a grid-like board. The character is pointlessly drawn through a maze-like grid, avoiding obstacles such as walls and moving platforms. The maze is divided into horizontal and vertical segments, each made up of a sequence of squares. Players control their character by pressing buttons on their controller.

The game plays through three different modes, each with a different play style. In the first mode, the player’s character automatically moves forward one square at a time, avoiding obstacles. In the second, the players can move left, right, up, or down simultaneously to reach the center of the screen. In the third mode, however, the players can use items to move freely in the grid. For example, if the player’s character is near a wall, they can use a push-up item to fly over the wall.

Game Design

Infinite Denduku can be considered a sequel to Dendan as it incorporates the same mechanics and game board. The design of the game, however, was slightly different. To reduce the number of buttons on the control pad, the paddle was made smaller, and the game had a black and white, monochrome design. The game was also more artistic, using colorful, anime-style art for the game board and characters.


Infinite Denduku takes place in a futuristic, dystopian city called “McTurgland”. The city is full of beautiful, high-rise buildings. The city is divided into five “parks” (the


What’s new:


Looking to get their hands on some of their inane souls?

To walk them

To retain them

To play with them

For pennies

And beyond…

The Clark Kent types

Looking for a job?

He will soon offer you of his Power!

And beyond…

What they went for in the poll

Some are good…

Some are evil. Some


Cloud of souls

They follow them

To crunch them

To dine on them

Some walk them

Some employ them

To service their suits

Some with their hair

Some with their eyes

Some with their bells

Some with their attitudes

Some with their throats

Some still have their rules

And as for some

They walk with the flow

And soar on silvery flights

Above the Babel

And beyond…

Damon the Sun Walker – Moonwalker

The Broken Walkers

The Dream Walker types – DreamKeeper the Sun Walker – SunWalkers

The Cloud of Souls – The Shadow Wizards

The Clark Kent types –

To Walk them – The Wanderers

They seek to endure.

They travel to seek knowledge and gain information to increase their abilities so that they can use and understand the rules to a greater degree and so that they can fight the system.

They will look into the truth of Myth and the reality of the world. They choose the path of power.

They will seek to become more.

They will put the knowledge of all things to good use.

They will use the Law of Cause and Effect for the good of all.

They will seek to understand.

They will seek to discover.

They will seek to be better than they were before.

They will be wise.

They will respect all knowledge.

They will be vigilant.

They will always be strong.

They seek to be powerful.

They will be able to bend and shape the ethereal realm.

They seek to be unkillable.

They will have a better understanding of their personal reality.

They will recognize that their avatars are the things in their own soul that have been broken during their creation.

They will find common ground and universal truths.


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Believe it or not, you are a captive in this world. The Realm Quest is a game where you play the ultimate slave to the game master; the devil. As the lord of the underworld, you are summoned by the king of the world to take on the role of a Dungeon Master in a game of epic proportions, where no detail has been overlooked in order to create a completely immersive and unforgettable experience.
You are a slave, and the game is real life. You will begin to explore the world around you and learn of the game’s lore. The story will give you knowledge of the time, dates, and the events that led up to the game, as well as the mysterious people and places of this world. It all comes together, but you have no control, so watch and learn to survive the depths of despair.

In another change, this is no longer a MOBA, but now features more of a skill-based PvP side. Dynamious Studios worked for years with VR gamers, figuring out what they wanted in a game, and how to make the best VR experience possible.

Realm Quest features:
– 20 Challenge Dungeons – Complete any challenge dungeon to earn level up & equipment, plus gold and experience.
– 12 Skill Dungeons – Unlockable skills, rank up & buy better skills.
– 14 Unique Class Dungeons – Make a choice between a sub-class you can specialize in, ranging from a deep Magic class to a speed/sword based Attacker class.
– Over 20 Difficult Skill Dungeons – Master your skills, learning new skills that range from the easy to the deadly.
– 20 Awesome Classes – Build a class you like, from a wide range of classes that come with the game and all the equipment for a satisfying journey.
– Over 20 Weapons – Every class has access to a vast array of armors and weaponry, ensuring that any kind of player would be able to find a class they like.
– Over 50 Equipment – Equip your class with one of over 50 different pieces of equipment, ranging from weapon sets and armor to magicians and gadgets. Equip your choice carefully to be the best fighter!
– 10 Hours of Gameplay and 14 Hours of Replay Value – Featuring more than 10 hours of gameplay and 14 hours of replay value, don’t just play the game once and quit.
– Music, Visuals, and Cinematics – Featuring beautiful soundtrack and cinematics that will take your game experience to the next level.


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 GB Graphics RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
The recommended minimum system requirements for Windows 7 are:
DirectX: Version 9.0
Additional system requirements may apply for specific games and/or online functionality. For



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