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Vandals: Sneak Art is a crazy, original, and amusing game inspired by the history of graffiti art.
You play as a secret agent for the urban renewal movement and have to help activists and artists to mark areas using stencils and paint.
Each city has different puzzles and objectives that you have to meet for the graffiti to appear and then continue growing.
The game includes original music composed by Ronald van den Broek: Guerrilla.
As you blast your alias on the walls of New York, paint Billy Fisk and Lady Pink in London, or find Miss.Tic in Paris, you will be able to experience the artistic culture of different eras and meet new artists like Dickie Dix, Maurizio Cattelan and Yoshitoshi ABe.
There are only two ways to solve each puzzle: Go around or use geometry.
Simply draw over the landscape until it’s blank to temporarily hide it from view.
To create some nice results, experiment with various tools: paintbrush, smudge tool, eraser, spray or pencil, for example.
At the heart of Vandals: Sneak Art lies the urge to interact with art.
Through its gameplay, it seeks to get players to participate in the artistic process and enjoy themselves.
It was designed to do all this in a playful way while remaining accessible.
You can even learn how to play the game from my tutorials to get you started.
This is only the start!
Enjoy the most fabulous puzzle adventure game, where you discover the hidden world of street art!
• 5 Cities with 3 original graphical worlds and 40 backgrounders: Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Berlin and New York
• 60 puzzles to solve
• 50 Paintings
• 8 playlists with 5 types of puzzle
• Type:Rider+support for tablets
• Different kinds of paint: pencil, paintbrush, spray and smudge tool
• Original soundtrack composed by Ronald van den Broek: Guerrilla
• New page openers for each piece of artwork
• Cursor as a palette to select colors
• Ability to save your progress
• Options to open the game at any time (pause, resume, or when starting from page 1)
• Option to change the controls (pitch, tilt)
• Ability to select the city’s map
• Pass the time using an original game clock
• My tutorials to learn how to solve the puzzles: start from scratch, or use it


Features Key:

  • Loot: Enjoy the first loot that has been introduced into the game since the launch of Dark Age of Camelot;
  • New Mount: Unlock a horse mount to show your true Medieval spirit!
  • Mecha: Engage in a mech experience unlike any other;
  • Gear: Find the best in field armor, vittles, and more;
  • Combat: Enjoy thrilling and satisfying battles;
  • Embedded Boss Battles: Engage in Boss battles?fig-uh?as embedded throughout the level;
  • Sneak on Escalated Attacks: After successfully killing one of these monsters, eliminate the rest!
  • Tribal Armys: Introduce your friends and family to the game’s greatest game-changing feature;
  • The Siege: Watch each player’s personal castle besiege themselves!
  • Crusades: You conquer, or you get conquered;
  • Two Game Modes: Choose between playing solo of multi-player;
  • Single Player Campaigns: Experience one of the game’s five campaigns starting in the Stone Age up until and including the Dark Ages;
  • Deep Character Customization: Create your own class from 30 accessible skills and unlock character appearances and companions;
  • The Spanish Influenza: Introduce the most ferocious monster against the whole of mankind!
  • Robot Hearts: Have many adorable pets help you explore the land or fight off invading enemies;
  • Many Family Safeguards: Make sure that you and your family and friends aren’t maimed or murdered via stabs, fights, or other gameplay issues;
  • Roads: Choice. The road is your choice.
  • <strong


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    Possession by Design
    In this unique game, players take on the role of a farmer and must transform a corn field into their home by collecting the spiky seeds that grow on each plant. With careful planning, players must construct a well-designed farm in order to produce the most food to grow enough seeds and level up to unlock new abilities.
    Key Features:
    – Play in any order on any difficulty
    – Customize your farm by rotating plants, turning off animation, and adding more seeds
    – Each plant gets into it’s own unique stage and as a result, play a little differently each time
    – Level up, unlock special abilities, and customize your garden
    – More than 10 unique challenge modes
    – Spectacular costumes and animations
    This is an adventure set in an imaginary land where unique plants grow and evolve into complex structures. Along the way you can tame wild creatures, develop your farm, find rare resources, and explore the dangers of the wilderness.
    Developed By:
    Hut Games
    Worldwide Release:
    April 7, 2015
    iOS, Android, Windows Phone


    From reddit:

    “That’s correct, the update came out on 10/22/2015. I would have
    preferred if it was sooner, but at least it’s out. :)”

    and here is some work on the Github (not finished yet, but this should put you in the right direction):

    Current issue(s):

    First problem: the game doesn’t works, when I install on the device, I am showing an apk and I can’t install it.

    The problem: the game is ready for an update and for the new features the developer should change the versionCode.
    As we read on the documentation of versionCode:

    The versionCode attribute is a unique identifier that is assigned to
    the current version of the APK.

    When the device downloads the old version from the App Store or Google Play, he also changes the versionCode, in your case, the versionCode was 10000 and it was changed to 20101. This mean that you had the old version installed and the new one installed. So, both applications will work with the old version.
    That’s why after the change the user will see 2 apps with the name of the same game, but you will always see that app in


    Tiger Tank 59 … Battleship MP026 Free Download



    While working with mods you should always first try the unmodded version before using the mod.

    This is to avoid problems and making sure that the mod does not mess up the game.

    When you have all the stuff downloaded, save the game and close it (minimise)

    Open the mod folder from the archive (remember the above note!)

    Extract all files

    Go to the files that you want to play with (addons/architects_collection_yourmod)

    Open them one by one in the explorer (I will not post the names)

    Open them in the editor

    Try everything out, if you like it, post it here, if you don’t like it, delete it.

    I will probably delete some of my mods, but don’t worry, I will check for you.

    Also, please mark as answered, if you have found the problem or if you have given me some suggestions on how to improve.

    Please make sure that all files of the mod are in the archive, don’t make it hard to find.


    What’s new in Tiger Tank 59 … Battleship MP026:

    Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse is a 2015 dystopian role-playing video game developed and published by Arc System Works featuring a team of four survivors who find themselves on a supposedly deserted island as the world around them begins to fall apart. The mobile game features open world elements and requires the player to engage in combat.

    Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse is a four player cooperative, free to play, action role-playing game for iOS and Android devices. There are no traditional hand-holding tutorials, instead, the game’s dialogue is represented via elements such as collectible booklets to give in-character and out of character moments to the player’s team as they progress through the game. Instead of the more typical method of players completing quests while playing a game, much of the plot-based gameplay is governed by the player encountering different situations that are resolved by the player’s characters. The game’s turns are often asynchronous, meaning that the players have more free time within their lives to concentrate on their characters’ progression by performing day-to-day activities. The game requires players to complete a minimum of three main character assassination targets, before unlocking the third and final playable character.

    Players can choose from four playable characters: Dejox, an ex-general-type member of the United Federation’s space fleet; Hypnos, an ex-Thargoid ship captain of Sector Epsilon 19; Drif, a genetic engineer of Bogen’s Rebellion; and Irene, an ex-lover and present-day leader of the Shrike’s Bane space fleet and the first playable character. When exploring the different regions of its open world setting of Amada, players are expected to complete assigned objectives, as well as complete over 40 optional missions presented by random encounters. All four characters gain experience based on the gameplay activities players carry out during the gameplay life of each character, which results in their characters gaining experience and becoming more powerful. The gameplay features several different play methods for the game’s four-player cooperative gameplay.

    In between all of the gameplay elements, Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse features a voice-acted and animated story campaign in which the characters make their way through a sci-fi world where civilization has been left decimated by a series of mysterious global events colloquially referred to as a caldera event, that seems to be caused by an unknown and insatiable alien presence, known as tyrants. Players can choose from over 40 missions to play during an


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    L.A. Noir is a controversial reimagining of the detective-story that plays on meta levels. The game focuses on the detectives themselves, in particular their interactions with each other and with their partner, but it doesn’t shy away from the crime scenes and the action.

    There are all the usual suspects: evidence, motives, witness testimony. Every case has its clues and its alliances. Detective Gus Devins, a veteran, chooses to investigate the most personal of cases: the death of his wife. L.A. Noir tries to capture the most compelling parts of the genre, but also introduce innovative elements that establish a new cultural-historical context for the genre.

    L.A. Noir is being developed by the team that created the indie hit VVVVVV (2K Games).

    Key Features:
    • An immersive game world that incorporates video and audio
    • Modern day modern L.A.
    • Interactive storylines that will influence your investigation
    • Multiple police forces, including the Feds, who change the course of the case
    • Advanced and unique game mechanics, such as decision points
    • Casual gameplay for use on smartphones and tablets

    “LA Noir is just one of those games where you get sucked right in. […] Everything around you is alive and action packed. When your playing with a friend in a booth of a restaurant there is that sense of camaraderie, that sense that things are getting out of control and that you need to work together to get back into control. LA Noir is a title that needs to be experienced to be understood.” – Handheld Gaming Magazine

    “The combination of beautiful visuals, unpredictable story and deep police procedural mechanics delivers an addicting crime series that should have longevity.” – Gamezebo

    “If you need something to remind you of True Crime: Streets of LA, look no further. It’s probably the closest you’re going to get to a cross between CSI, True Detective, and The Dark Knight.” – GameSpot

    “LA Noir is a detective game with a lot of surprises. I’m really interested to see how this play out with some sequels coming down the pike.” – Game Revolution

    “The developers’ love of movies and genre fiction shine through in everything from the opening titles, to the investigations, to the final twist.” – Extreme Tech

    “LA Noir is a stylish and gripping true crime thriller that


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