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Booklice: Prologue is the first in a trilogy of approachable adventure games combining exploration and narrative. You are Liz, an agent of the Order, a government organization whose mission is to recover all the knowledge lost in the war. But things get more complicated when you’re tasked with tracking down a fellow agent of the Order who’s been murdering the government opposition for unknown reasons.
A quest that will put Liz’s beliefs to the test.
Join Liz and her loyal cat Sphynx on their first adventure as agents of the Order. Enjoy an approachable adventure game experience, perfect for players new to the genre.
Booklice: Prologue is a relaxing, story-driven experience where you’ll take on more than a dozen locations and meet interesting characters, all of which strive to help you complete your quest.
Booklice: Prologue Features:
• A retro-styled, easy to control, story driven adventure game.
• A dozen locations with beautiful scenery.
• Compelling characters, puzzles and a gripping story.
• A moving plot about the power of books, the war, and forgiveness.
• A musical score that guides you along the story, both visually and sonically.
• An option to skip or rewind the main story.
• AI with a host of varied personalities.
• A choose-your-own-adventure system that lets you decide how you approach each location.
• Optional hint system.
Booklice: Prologue will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux as a DRM-free digital download.Booklice: Prologue will be available on Steam on July 24th.
An optional DRM-free Android, iOS and Kindle book version will be available on September 3rd.
If you’d like to see Booklice: Prologue in action, you can check out the Booklice YouTube channel:
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A black cat walks into a bar. In the bar is a large panel, with a large icon on it. The barman picks up his phone and puts it to the panel, on the panel is


Features Key:

  • All Special Global Magic Items – Normal
  • All Special Forbidden Magical Items – Normal
  • All Special Special Items – Normal
  • It’s dungeons with a Castle
  • You are a historian who works on the Ministry of the Archives in the kingdom of Avalon. Your assignment is to research the secret parents in the nation but being told the truth, they vanished without a trace. Explore the 2 levels of dungeons and the castle to discover all kinds of hidden items and save all humans who were replaced by monsters.

    My Child Lebensborn Tips:

    • Investigate the dungeon to find out all pieces of info as fast as possible
    • Use global magic items while fighting with monsters
    • Use global forbidden magic items while fighting with monsters
    • Repairs the broken door to open a new room

    My Child Lebensborn Walkthrough:

    • Level 1 – Dungeon
      Level 2 – Dungeon
      Level 2 – Castle

    My Child Lebensborn Gameplay Videos:

    • Harder Mode


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      You play as the diabolical hunter, Du’ard, and have to hunt zombies down to collect the crystals in order to arm a weapon that can kill the most amount of zombies.

      With zombies everywhere and never any weapons you have to constantly upgrade your gun, so you have to explore environments, collect currency to make weapon upgrades, fight for survival and try to not be hit by the shambling dead.

      This game will update in real time, so you might not like how the game feels just when you pick it up. You can pay for a new update and change that. You will unlock more tools, weapons and enemies with new content and as you defeat larger enemies you will gain new armor that can be used.

      How To Play:

      Your main objective is to collect crystals in order to upgrade your gun and upgrade your gun. There will be books, magazines and other cool toys to find as well.

      You can run around all over the map and you can even go in house just to find stuff. You have to find the crystals and it’s not easy. Zombies will be around and you will have to defeat as many zombies as you can in order to get your crystals.

      You can also collect ammo to shoot the zombies. Upgrade your gun and make it more lethal, make sure you have the right weapon in order to kill the zombies quickly. As you upgrade your gun you might find yourself having to do some quick shooting and killing all around the map.

      At the end of the game you will have to fight the final boss, who will be an undead nightmare. You will have to be prepared for the challenge. And like any zombie shooter, they won’t die in a single shot.



      W, A, S, D

      Left mouse button or arrow keys


      Left mouse button or arrow keys

      About The Devs:

      My name is Daniel Marcello and i started working on my first indie game back in January, and i’ve got a few years of experience under my belt.

      I’ve managed several text games, like ‘N’ Dimensional Land’ or ‘Alan Wake’ before, that i’ve worked on.

      Also, i have a background in art and design as well, which i will definitely be using in this game.

      If you’ve played any text based games before then you will have a pretty clear idea of what


      Ŧ果一生只有三十岁Before Thirty Free

      The Objectives:

      Your objectives are to survive as long as you can.

      Survival must be solved through teamwork.A player may not know what the best strategy is but by observing other players will be able to learn and adjust his strategy.


      What’s new:

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