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Bloons TD Battles is a hilarious, competitive, top-rated multiplayer tower defense game. For the first time ever, monkey vs monkey is all you have to choose from. Team up with your friend or play with random people from around the world in the new multiplayer mode, Bloons TD Battle Arena.
Bloons TD Battles takes the ridiculous and addictive gameplay of Bloons TD 5 and adds fast-paced and head-to-head multiplayer gameplay, plus tons of new weapons, bloon powers, monkey towers, upgrades, and other crazy new gameplay features. Prepare to be attacked from every direction and defended by your own monkey defenses. It’s over-the-top tower defense like you’ve never seen it before.
Bloons TD Battles is a free download and will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Bloons TD Battles will be supported with regular content updates, including: new tracks, bloons, towers, monkey characters, and more.
Check out the multiplayer beta:

Walking Simulator 1,197,118 Plays

YOU’RE WALKING! You, and thousands of other simulated humans, over the past decade in my new iPhone app, that was released today:

All credits, of course, go to Lennon Thomas, JohnBrown, JamesBlair, StevenSanderson, Tom Scott, WhistleStop, the Apple staff, and all of you others out there that I forgot.
And I am happy to be thinking about today’s release, and dreaming about tomorrow, while taking this Sunday morning stroll on a sunny July morning in Orinda, California. Hope you’re having a better day than I am, and that this video will help you feel even better.
Please feel free to make use of the comments section below to send me any suggestions on how I can make this sim even better, and more fun. And, of course, you may also wish to see some of my other stuff:


Navin: In Search Of The Light Features Key:

  • 18 Course designed by Randy Lobato
  • Moves up quickly
  • Online Multiplayer (2-4 players)
  • Engaging and interactive game play
  • Beautiful neon sci-fi graphics


  • Players-Choice of difficulty
  • Course-Challenge level
  • Sending message-Instant messaging
  • Adding music-Music player
  • Sorting-Accurate game statistics
  • Mini-games-Medal


Navin: In Search Of The Light Crack + For PC

★ Easy difficulty level
★ Simple touch controls
★ Create your own fun moments
★ Challenge your friends
★ Free and fun
This is the story of Amblers and their Adventure:
Amblers are bored. They are kids, as adults need to work and have responsibilites, so they are stuck at home. They try to play but their parents always tells them to practice our craft. So, they stop playing, and then after a while they decide to find an interesting site where they could play. With their trusty friend, Axel, they decide to go to the nearby forest and see if they could find some lost object which they are sure they know it but their parents are hiding it from them. During their exploration, they discover that the nearby forest is being destroyed by The Evil Corporation, and the only way to solve the issue is by catching the robots who destroy the forest and destroy Amblers’ friends, and use the force of it to jump and destroy the evil robots.
Will you be able to do it? Will you be Amblers?
-Subtitles can be enabled if you are seeing them in Japanese
About the Author:
It’s me, Serdar.
I’m a web developer, and currently developing on my own game.
Thank you for reading!

The year is 2146. Advancement in medical science has allowed humans to live beyond 200 years of age. Scientists have managed to bring back those who died due to various reasons. However, “mad scientist” is still trying to extend human life, which causes riots, protests and chaos all over the world. And “mad scientists” have created a number of monsters that are eating humans alive. Your task as a hero is to save the world.
In Monster Hunter: World, you will create a unique hunter to hunt monsters. Advanced weapons, combined with the power of hunters’ force, will form a weapon against monsters. There will be a variety of locations, monsters, quests, and characters to enjoy and interact with. The world of Monster Hunter: World is a whole different experience than Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
Over the past thousand years, monsters have spread all over the world, and currently inhabit every continent. People or monsters have all been driven out of their homes. Hunters must now start out, while searching for monsters. Adventurers will experience new features and monsters using the world map. They can choose from a


Navin: In Search Of The Light [Updated-2022]





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This is the best game for fighting i ever played. It is very fun and addictive. The only problem it has is that is there’s no sword on the screen but it’s really cool. If you play the game you’ll understand what i mean. This game is perfect if you want to kill time. All you have to do is tap and hold on an enemy and wait until you see a pop-up bubble. When the pop-up bubble appears you can tap on the screen to attack. You can’t miss the enemy because your character can hover. This game is for you!Q:

What are these electrical switches labelled with “SP”?

I’ve never seen this before in my electrical engineering education, and was hoping for some input on whether this type of switch is standard practice.


This is a single pole rotary switch, known to us as a SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw).
It is the standard switch for switching a circuit on or off, using only one pole, and switching between on and off using a rotary action (when the poles are in line with the direction of the current).


It’s called a SPDT. It’s a mechanical switch, usually operated by a turn knob. See the following image from Wikimedia Commons.

As @bill already mentioned in his answer, it’s a simple circuit switching device. On-off state changes with a rotary action.


They are SPDT push buttons.
This is the typical type you find in a PC


What’s new:

    “You are a dead man, Ned Stark.”

    “Was that Lord Commander Stark the other night? I didn’t expect to see him down here.”

    “Yes,” Thoros of Myr said. “And I don’t expect to see you, but I’m exceedingly grateful you took the time to speak with me. It’s a harsh and unforgiving place, Warden.”

    The Butcher’s Circus. A three-eyed rat may have survived. A harpy may have been spared. But I was on my deathbed.

    In ancient days, the circus went for miles from the town. The animals would be tied to stakes outside what was left of the city walls, and people would come from miles around to watch the fighting and the shows. In the morning, the bones from the butcher’s daily wagon would look like so many used for fish bait. The victims were good men, wives, and children. They were the small folk. The backbone that held a city together.

    I didn’t have a backbone then. None of us did.

    At the circus, there were rules: If you touched the wrestlers or the gladiators, the chain would snare you. If you rode the wild animals, you’d find yourself on a chainsaw blade. If you touched the instruments of the trio in the main ring, the iron would mute your blade. If a thing in the crowd shouted out for blood, then you’d have to oblige. Many did. Until the Circus was shut down. Some crimes were being committed within those veils of smoke and blood. Some lives were being lost. So the butcher’s daughter had taken it upon herself to rid us of shame by slaughtering our sins.

    In the morning, they’d light the fires. We’d move the dogs and the mutes to the spot in front of the mare, and for the last four hours they’d need blocks of stone to pin down our fists and make us jab at the dark blue sky and scream for mercy. Then—if the gods were good—the whores would come. Other guys kept penises in their mouths for doing striptease. The angels had wings. The goblins sold bread.

    Moloch answered the bell. He was a tall man, but despite the weight of his fleshy upper arms, he was as light on his feet as a cat. He was a small man, but when his feet hit the sand, he’d dent it.


    Free Navin: In Search Of The Light Crack + (April-2022)

    For generations untold, the mysterious world of Qora has rested.
    A valley separates two tribes, separated by a mythical wall – a wall that sealed it from the world.
    You arrive to a new village, where you will meet people, and obtain jobs – perfect for you to earn enough money to pay for clothes.
    At the same time, you’ll be able to uncover what exactly is behind the wall, and what all this land has to offer
    Your trusty companion Zaliel must be dutiful and obey you – but this is Qora, and all of it will be a learning experience.
    …Don’t try to find out too much, or you may find yourself in a very sticky situation.
    What you need to know:
    – Game Length: This game takes place over one hour and a half, with about five hours of actual gameplay
    – Controls: Keyboard and mouse support
    – Game Created and Edited: I was the sole author and creator of this game
    – Genre: Adventure
    – Language: English
    – Resolution: 640 x 360
    – Supported OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac
    – Recommended System Specs:
    – Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit)
    – 2 GHz CPU
    – 1 GB RAM
    – 4 GB free hard disk space
    – One language (English)
    – Headset recommended
    Special Thanks:
    Qora was recorded in the library of the university of Cambridge (geographically separated from Qora’s codebase) and was in the making for a few months.
    Special Thanks to:
    – Everyone at Qora, the developers and supporters of this project. They are all truly wonderful people who make this game possible.
    – Noteworthy mentions to:
    – Kmiek, for creating the impressive graphic and pixel-art style (
    – The legendary and much loved Team Cherry, for the company’s amazing retro gaming line ( and making the colouring book Coconuts and Cream an ideal gamification of everything related to Qora and its beautiful pixel-art style.


    Airdrop – An immediate drop off of flying items when you die
    Combat – A quick and easy way to kill most enemies in a few


    How To Crack:

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  • press Play or Run
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How to Install RainForest:
1. First you have to download program from torrent site
2. Open the torrent program
3. Open the folder where you downloaded the file
4. Open the folder you downloaded.bat and use Notepad to change the build.props file (2 directories:./mdpatcher/bin and./mdpatcher/bin/mdpatcher to./mdpatcher/bin/mymdpatcher.exe. In the BenDun11.exe and bin directories you’ll find the patches and video. The next patch is made by bit (3rd))
5. Open another terminal and extract the kernel.bin, suid.bin,.mpg and org.xbm.exe in the ./mdpatcher/bin/mdpatcher directory
6. Go back to first terminal and run mdpatcher.bat
7. You should now be able to start Rainforest. If you can’t just start the game with the file Rainforest.b9h
8. Enjoy!

Music Banter Banter – Leaether Strip – NovrhythmLoVoltiBiS is a dance recording and production duo from Tuscany, Italy made up of electronic music composer/producer Daniel De Britto and dance music contributor/mixer/dj Pino.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom II x86-64
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 650M / AMD Radeon 7850
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom II x86-64
Hard Drive:

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