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Name GGXrd Extra Color Palettes – SIN KISKE
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.71 / 5 ( 7046 votes )
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The atmospheric visual novel maker Ambient Works is designed to effortlessly create your own beautiful visual novel with a few clicks of your mouse. Ambient Works makes it easy to adapt a concept, choose a main heroine, story, and theme and add background music, voice acting, and slides. Ambient Works is a visual novel engine, meaning it is not a game in itself; it just makes creating them a lot more fun and easy. Ambient Works uses an engine that is compatible with any game engine. Simply use your chosen engine to import your files.
New features in Ambient Works:
– Captured Audios
– PNG Export
– M4V Export
Additional info:
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published:06 Sep 2017


This is a music pack for Techno/EBM/Industrial/Dance/Hybrid/etc RPG style games. There are over 80 tracks in total, from heavy and dark tracks to more uplifting and melodic tracks. This is mainly for orchestral, cinematic, and environmental use, as well as characters being there in the same room as the player character, but not necessarily on the same actual play-through. The tracks are all mid to upper-end in length, depending on the style and feel.
The way the track listing was created was very, very basic, since basics were made. I decided not to make the complete tracklisting a choice, like a extra dialog option for the player to make that is freely chosen. It is VERY hard to choose and make such a detailed tracklisting, so this list was made to be more basic, more in a rush, less detailed. There is little to no error in the tracklisting, not that I’m aware of anyway.
I’m not going to list which RPG Maker’s the tracks work in. I list them in the description and on each channel file. I had to add a lot of the channel information


Name GGXrd Extra Color Palettes – SIN KISKE
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.71 / 5 ( 7046 votes )
Update (6 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Engaging Rodeo like cowboys and tough riders
  • Beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery
  • Capture your friends in multiplayer missions
  • Brand new challenge game with thrilling challenges
  • No in-game items to purchase, use, or grind for


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No Law & Order re-invented. No new models or special effects. Hector is real, and he’s tough as nails. In his inimitable way, he’s solving crimes in Clappers Wreake!
Hector is left reeling when his old drinking buddy Whisky Sally ropes him into a criminal scheme involving a rogue clapper.
Hector’s not an idiot, but he’s seen and done some terrible things.
Unwise things. Things that could get you hurt. Or worse.
Hector’s not about to play along with Whisky Sally’s plans, but the trail of bodies he leaves in his wake leads him to unexpected places, all seeking revenge.
Help Hector as he takes to the streets, cracking up some of Clappers Wreake’s worse crooks.
It’s a nasty business in Clappers Wreake.
Hector is on it!

The Clappers Wreake Mayhem

Adventuring into the perilous world of Clappers Wreake, Hector the Clapper has a few things on his mind. He’s got trouble inside.
His old drinking buddy Whisky Sally is in a bit of trouble, and needs Hector’s help.
Someone is after Hector. And they don’t just want his money.
For a hard-nosed police man like Hector, Clappers Wreake is a bit more complicated than Clappers Prowse. The locals are a bit, well, Clappers Wreake.
There are trolls, crows, creepy stories told by shadowy proprietors of pubs, and a gang of embezzlers called The Flaking Thieves who Hector has to take down.
Hector is in way over his head. How far can a Clapper go before he loses touch with his own identity?
Key Features:
• Clappers Wreake is coming to your mobile phone.
• Clappers Wreake is a tactical action puzzler.
• Play anywhere, anytime in this visually stunning world.
• A blend of rogue-like gameplay and third person action with some light puzzle solving.
• Fully voiced, with more than 50 characters to interact with.
• Story driven with a text-heavy dialogue system.
• An expansive soundtrack for your movement in the game, a world with infinite possibilities.
• Stunning visuals with a dynamic lighting system.


GGXrd Extra Color Palettes – SIN KISKE For PC

Play the Gameboy Advance version, 9 separate missions to complete:
1.Robodude Rescue – Investigate the wrecked main console to discover the truth about the robotic infestation…2.Fun Factory – Stop the next wave of Bezerker robots before they bring the entire complex down on top of you…3.Funtime Zone – The robots are nocking out troops at every gaming arcade in the sector and they need to be stopped. A fun fight up in the Funtime Zone4.Machine Planet – The Robodudes have allied themselves with this robot emperor and are taking over human villages. All the humans have been resettled into the ultimate robot training facility, and it’s time to defeat the robot menace once and for all!5.Destroyer Base – The robot war machine is here… Activate the main transmitter and set the detonator. The entire facility will explode…6.Death Zone – Your mission is to destroy the enemy cruiser. Blow it up or ram it. If you ram it, the next wave of robots will arrive and you’ll be rescuing the Robodudes once again.7.Robotropolis – The final level. The entire city is being deployed as one massive robot. All of the robot landmines will be activated. Each explosion will cause a collapsing ceiling and a reinforcing blast wall to form. Defeat the last few robots and save the day…8.The Final Mission – This is the final mission. The war machine must be stopped.7 Zones to annihilate in The Final Mission:
1.Invasion of the Bezerkers – Bezerker robots are on the rampage, they’ve hijacked a Space Ranger and fled to a secret alien ship. Now the only way to stop them… is to call for help! You must find the alien ship and deal with the Bezerkers once and for all!2.Cyber Core – Cram the Bezerkers into the cyber core and free your imprisoned comrades. The harder you fight, the harder they get. You must stop the aliens before their morale collapses!3.Fun Factory – The fun is no more and the fun factory is now a slaughter zone. Shoot down the mass of robot soldiers, or shoot up the killer robots!4.Fun Time Zone – The fun is over. The time zone is now being used as the main robot training zone. Knock out the remaining robots to free the Robodudes. Time to rescue your friends and save the day…5.Gong Attack – The alien gong


What’s new in GGXrd Extra Color Palettes – SIN KISKE:

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