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The game for fans of the brand Warhammer 40,000.
Wars broke out in the galaxy of far otherwise never happened before.
Of all your companions on this planet Earth have been transformed into monsters.
Join the series of graphic video game in order to survive, roam about in various parts of the planet,
in the game is involved a variety of weapons and vehicles.


You can change the fullscreen resolutions before in the launcher options menu (to “lower” or “higher” quality).

In a vacuum, expect to consume 16kWh per day or 720kWh per week. This is if you eat five meals a day, and every meal is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In reality, you’ll probably deviate from this. But, nevertheless, this is how much energy you’ll burn per day.

If you are eating in between meals, or more than once daily, your energy intake can be much higher. This energy can easily be stored in your body as fat and will not be used for the work you have to do.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Expected Energy Expenditure (EE)

Typical energy expenditure (EE) across the day:

This assumes that you will be slightly less active during the night.

Aim to keep the total EE between 7-12Wh per day.

Estimated Insulin Requirements

You won’t have much insulin to deal with this meal, as it is only 14g.

Estimated Fat Tolerance

This meal won’t cause any problems for your body.


Before you get started, you’ll need:

Small bowl

Small spoon

Small M&Ms (if you have to)

An empty candy container (if you have to)

The things you can’t do without

Measuring your macros

Calculating your macros. If you want to know exactly what to eat, we use this meal plan. This meal plan is based on the USDA food database, and it contains every food that you’ll find in any health store.

Because this is an everyday, meal-replacement drink, we want to make it as safe as possible. A lot of people are afraid to do this. Think of it as a healthy shake, made from food.

If you have a blender, you can make it even easier. But, if you don


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Rating 4.52 / 5 ( 2753 votes )
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  • Epic Writing Journey.
  • An enjoyable Puzzle Adventure game with a unique setting and story.
  • A demanding puzzle game.
  • A funny story with a good beginning, middle, and an ending.
  • A game rich in emotional experience.
  • An experience of the entire family.
  • A multiplayer game.
  • About the game

    Blade Master is famous for his powerful runes. He was a powerful warlord in his old age who lost his son. He swears that he won’t rest until he finds the runes. He awakens Sword Master, located in the north. The objective of his quest is simple. He must find the twelve runes of the Sword master. But along the way, he must face huge enemies, lost stones, and many bizarre creatures. He must learn the wisdom of the ancient rhyme to avoid the traps. More difficult than it seems, he must use his magic to craft the soul orbs. In order to move on, he needs to find the bosses’ locations. Not a very easy task. So grab a sword and run along with Blade Master. The fun begins now!



    Age Rating: Everyone who is at least 9 years old


    WatchVR video: Running, VR

    Know more…

    Tue, 19 Mar 2014 09:18:33 +0000
    Blade Master FreeBlade Master FreeBlade Master is a game developed by Invidious Games and published by Invidious.
    Blade Master Free is a top-down action-adventure game that has pixel graphics and consists of some very easy and difficult levels.


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    There are no run-of-the-mill baddies. No tricksters. No group of evil men following a single, evil leader. No ogres to slay in single combat. This is a war for survival. This is a battle of shadows. Do you choose light, or do you choose darkness? Are you willing to betray your best friend and shun your enemies in pursuit of your goals?
    Join the shadow society.

    The game’s story is a branching text-based narrative with freeform narrative elements. The player is free to make choices to increase or decrease the length of the text in the game. The game’s narrative follows a story that is organically generated by the player’s choices. Most of the game is non-interactive; the player interacts with the various story elements solely through the text.

    The game has 7 real-life, playable, human characters, who you can get to know and to love. There is an in-game character sheet to keep track of who and what you’re interacting with. These characters are named, as well as having respective personalities, backgrounds and likings.

    If you choose to make friendships, there are several small-scale role-playing elements to consider, such as quests, jobs, challenges, contracts and romance.

    The game’s plot is a companion to the real-life occult pulp story “The Shadow Society”. The game’s protagonist is the real-life writer Cara Palmer. The story can either be played chronologically or be viewed as the dark side of Cara’s former real-life fairy-tale “Snow White” project.

    The project was crowd-funded on Kickstarter starting in July 2014. It was crowd-funded for the estimated amount of $20,000. The project finished with a crowd-funding goal of $3,000. It ended up raising over $92,000, with 1,743 backers.

    The game is mostly text-based. It is driven by the events that are generated by the player’s choices. All these choices are visible to the player as they interact with the various in-game elements. The player’s actions and choices influence the game’s narrative. There are no simple, easy-to-complete quests, as the game is non-linear in narrative and in gameplay.


    Shadow Society was well received by critics. It is currently the highest rated game at Allgame. It has


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    ==================== =================================================
    Remember those autotiles you could use to build a city skyline of skyscrapers and brick buildings? Today, we have something a little different. A tiled set of trinkets and accessories that bring a modern style to your city.
    “Japanese Modern Cityscape Tileset” includes 11 tilesets and a sprite with 8 different style images, 1 picture each of 3 different characters, and includes 3 overlay filters for using the images for your backgrounds.
    This is the perfect tileset for building modern Japanese cities. If you want a “lighter” version of the modern todays world, this is the perfect tileset for you.
    The following is a link to instructions for how to install and use the tiles:
    – 24×24 tiles in PNG format* – Please note that these are 24×24 tiles, not 24×20 tiles* Please note that these are 24×24 tiles, not 24×20 tiles:
    Instructions for downloading and installing the tiles:
    ========================== =================================
    The latest pack for RPG Maker MV Series IV is available for free download here:

    Feel free to redistribute the tiles with this project. You dont need to ask for permission, but please do not sell or make money off of this project. This project is free for use in commercial projects only. Download the latest pack for RPG Maker MV Series IV HERE:

    Media Credits:
    Trailer Music by Jeremy Soule and Jason Trump

    ✓ This is a quick guide for how to include large tiled in most settings (like the main menu), tile list (for menu-creation), and other settings.
    ✓ Important: To install this addon, you’ll need to install the following addon:
    1) “Advanced Tileset Quick Change”
    2) “Tile Manager (TM)”


    What’s new in GACHIMUCHI REBIRTH:

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