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► WW2 shooter ZRANGE VR is a real shooter game from Extreme Games!
► The zombie attack is terrifying!
► Ready to plunge yourself into the WW2 era and see the Second World War through the eyes of a modern man!
► It’s your turn! Show the enemy who’s boss.
● Download and Play
● Freeware!
● Game Categories: Arcade, Shooting
● Has been selected as an Editor’s Choice1993–94 in Portuguese football

The 1993–94 season was the 89th season of competitive football in Portugal.

Amaia won their second league title, their 4th, and the last to date, a feat which was first achieved in 1945. The same team also won the European Cup Winners’ Cup. Vasco da Gama were the major club of the season, winning the Primeira Liga and achieving a Copa de Portugal and Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira.

Promoted teams
In the 1993–94 season, there were three teams which were promoted from the Portuguese Second Division:

SG Covilhã – promoted to Primeira Liga
Amarante – promoted to Primeira Liga
Fafe – promoted to Primeira Liga


Primeira Liga

The Primeira Liga competition started on 15 August 1993 and concluded on 19 May 1994.

Top goalscorers

Premier League

First Division

Portuguese Cup


Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup

Group stage

Group A

Group B

Knockout stage

UEFA Super Cup


Portugal – List of final tables (RSSSF)
Portuguese Wikipedia – Campeonato Português de Futebol – 1993/1994 (in Portuguese)
RSSSF – Portugal 1993/1994

Category:Seasons in Portuguese football

Add object to collection of objects using reflection

So I have this small class:
public class Foo
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Type { get; set; }

I have a generic method that I am using to look up a property in a dynamic object that I want to add it to and then return it:
public object GetProperty(Type type,


Features Key:

  • The game Keyring replacement system where you unlock the keys sequentially with
    the game;
  • New game modes: "You Vs The CPU" vs the complete opposing team;
  • "Fat Knight" and "Thin Knight" races;
  • Enhanced graphics with blurrier shadows (using GPU);
  • Beautiful and exciting new graphics!
  • A new editor! Use the best one of all time!! (multitouch + alt_vertebra + control_editor) ;
  • BUG fix: Fixed the bad behavior of the keys that had changed color while pressing;
  • Game Details:

    Type Knight is a single player physics based arcade type shooter where you need to
    hold on tight to the Knight's butt and flap your wings to keep him flying.

    There are 3 stages (with no end to the fun) and 5 games with 3 difficulties.

    This game started as an atelier for the Web platform. I was inspired by the idea
    to make a remake of Reiz from Enix. I aimed at a NES-like game, but with a third
    Direction (up) and up to 128 keys (consistent with NES's hardware).

    What are you waiting for? Already have the game? Download it on and share it with
    your friends!

    // Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Kyle Lutz
    // Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0
    // See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
    // See for more information.

    #ifndef B


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    The story starts when farmer Dan took his lawnmower and started to cut the grass. But the lawnmower is not so good as he expected. First all the grass came up from the ground and then it started to self-destruct. There were also a lot of farmers who were cutting the grass.
    The farmer was very disappointed and he goes to parking lot and takes his truck. With his truck the whole area is filled with good lawnmowers…


    Cutting the grass sounds like it may be an RPG Maker project.
    You can try to get it published with RocketBin ( and maybe it will take off.

    A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: The Impact of the French Revolution on the Status of Women.
    In 1789, nearly two centuries ago, the French Revolution established an unprecedented period of radical political and social change, including new rights for women. Women began to petition and complain about their limited opportunities in public life, and even their limited access to education. In fact, the importance of this event in women’s lives has been largely forgotten, as historians have studied other aspects of the Revolution. The goal of this article is to explain how the French Revolution affected the lives of women and to analyze the meaning of that change. Drawing on the ideas of Enlightenment philosophers such as Voltaire and Rousseau, and of the leaders of the Revolution, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Charlotte Corday, the article points out that these leaders were men who were mistaken about women and influenced by their own cultural assumptions. Contrary to what many historians have assumed, then, the French Revolution was a revelation that dramatically redefined women’s rights in the modern world.Site Feeds

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    Wednesday, May 15, 2005

    Afghan Villages Turn To Facelifts

    It seems that the “Afghanisation of Kabul” continues apace. One of the new luxury developments being constructed in the capital is an exclusive “Green Village” designed to include a large exclusive hotel, a shopping centre, a nightclub, a bank and a golf course, all at the centre of the capital. As well as providing a huge amount of revenue for the developer, the village will also make residents of Kabul — most of whom haven’t been able to travel outside of the capital for decades — feel part of the “Westernised” Afghan community.


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    1. Control of Andromeda Six
    You will take control of your starship, the Andromeda Six. Uncover your memories and explore the galaxy on your journey to find the answers you seek. This will take some exploration of your ship and maybe a ride on the hang-glider. Multiplayer:
    1. Multiplayer is not available in the base version. Multiplayer is available with an in-app purchase in the premium version.
    2. Multiplayer is only possible on a local wireless network. Your device will not be able to connect to the internet on a wireless network.
    Additional Information:
    1. Controls:
    – Movement
    Hold the screen to walk forward.
    Hold again and move your starship left, right, up or down.
    – Input and map details:
    This is a futuristic sci-fi game with high-tech puzzles, gameplay and a high degree of challenge. For a better control system, you may use a game controller if you have one.
    – Main functionality:
    The game will offer you two main gameplay modes, a “Story” mode and a “Part I Mode” with smaller gameplay scenarios:
    – A Story Mode where you take control of the Andromeda Six, the starships only survivor of a crashed intergalactic spaceship. Your mission? To learn the truth of your past and then to survive the political turmoil overtaking the galaxy after recent terrorist attacks.
    – The ‘Part I Mode’ offers you a quick and easy game play experience with a series of fun gameplay scenarios.
    – Your galaxy:
    The galaxy you will travel in is based on the Andromeda Galaxy. You may have heard of it and should probably know more about it.
    – Your ship:
    The Andromeda Six is a spaceship that you will have the opportunity to explore its insides and look out for the many secrets of the ship.
    – Your journey:
    You are the one and only surviving crew member of a crashed spaceship and your mission is to explore the galaxy and uncover the answers you seek.
    – Your ship’s AI:
    The AI of the ship is quite well thought out. You can think it is sometimes a bit slow, but all in all, it is quite good.
    – Your crew:
    You will have a crew of six living beings onboard the ship with different personalities and you will have to rely on them for their help.
    – Your enemies:
    While it may not seem like it, the galaxy is out there waiting to catch you. Your enemies will be of a various nature.


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