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Name Blue-Collar Astronaut – OST by Charlie Armour
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 3600 votes )
Update (13 days ago)




“Hired Gun was released online at steam a month ago and we decided to create an art book to document the development process.
We worked on it two years and we hope you’ll like it, because it’s totally worth it.”
-Epic Playground
The ‘ARTBOOK’ Concept
The idea of the ARTbook is to render a limited version of the game (2×2 inches) in a couple of different formats (jpeg, pdf & physical book) that artists can use as a reference tool and to promote the game.
There is a two year development process behind this limited version, so it was intended to be a rough production. The goal is to render as much as possible a minimal version of the game with the intention to inspire both artists and fans (and maybe some new character sculpts).
Even though it has been so difficult for us, we really enjoyed doing it and if we ever created another product like this, we’re sure we’ll have a better understanding how to do it!
-The Hand Of The Game – Portfolio Of Figural Sculpting
The Artbook has been really cool to do because we have experienced artists like Oscar Fernández and Diego Morales working on the book, as well as Mike Wesker and David Marsh, two guys with an incredible experience as well. All of them are very passionate about gaming and they have been really helpful to us along the way.
We really hope the book meets the fans’ expectations and that you’ll like the final result!
We’re looking forward to see it!
-Epic Playground
A lot of effort was put to put together this Artbook, it’s a true labor of love, and we hope it’s one of the best products we’ve created. It wouldn’t have been possible without the real guys that helped us, so we’d like to thank them for their hard work, too!
We would like to thank also the Erotic Fantasy Games Association because they’re the ones that turned our vision into reality. They made the final step for us to present this to you!
-Epic Playground
In this Artbook we’ll provide a general description of the different types of products that we’ll release on The Artbook website, as well as some information about the project and the game’s creation.
We’ll also


Additional Information

Name Blue-Collar Astronaut – OST by Charlie Armour
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 3600 votes )
Update (13 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Start a Race!
    Choose a vehicle, train your skills and upgrade your car to an assembly line.
    Race against your rivals! Or race against yourself in the Time Trial challenge!
    Win or lose against 24 competitors on the leaderboard, you win the Gold Card!
  • Build a Time Attack Mode
    In Time Attack Challenge mode you are able to win better rewards for better achievements in the game.
  • Auction System
    Newly designed traffic system provides a realistic income for new items/upgrades. Furthermore, gold is the only currency acquired by playing this game.
  • What’s inside this package?

    • Rescue Quest Gold 1.0.4 (working game)
    • Rescue Quest Gold full game for Android Platforms

    How to use this game?

      1. Transfer Full Game to your mobile as you want.
      2. Launch the game, complete your first task.
      3. Race your way to the top!
      4. If you want to earn more bonus gold, upgrade your cars, purchase new upgrades and cars in the auction page.
      5. If you are about to lose, sell the gold in order to win!


    So now you play Rescue Quest Gold, a multi-player/single-player game and you are welcome to join the competition. After each new game, your challenge gets increasingly harder because you will have to fight against 24 players. You can challenge your friends in the social networks, compete against millions of players from all around the world.

    Tackle hundreds of puzzles in 3 different worlds:
    If you want to win RQG, you can select your preferred scenario of more intense yet enjoyable single-player mode. Or you can race against other players in a more challenging but even harder “Uber” multiplayer mode. Last but not least, you can enjoy Time Attack Challenge mode with its innovative trafic system.


    Blue-Collar Astronaut – OST By Charlie Armour

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    Blue-Collar Astronaut – OST By Charlie Armour [2022-Latest]

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    What’s new in Blue-Collar Astronaut – OST By Charlie Armour:

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