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Name: 【Eva】
Session: 【August 8, 2018】
Place: 【Asean Game Developer Showcase】
1/8th scale model, c. 60cm tall / 24in tall (pittori-koboi)
Hitomi Kojima, comercial and character designer of the original video game (5.5/10)
This small cardboard model is a prototype of the EVA that was featured in the original video game, but for this demo model it was made in much smaller scale. We hope that you can admire the character’s beauty when he’s close by, in this next phase of the journey!
About Far East:
Nintendo’s video game developer Comcept began their career as “a donut company” (the donut jam company.) By the time the NES came out, we had already been working on EVA for many years with the company. Far East is a prequel to Waiting For the Loop, about a young man who is continuing his journey, much like Eva. It’s also about going home and seeing how your memories are remembered. It has many similarities to Waiting For the Loop in art style and is a prequel to all the branches of the main story. You’ll have to experience it for yourself!
The links in the table below will take you to the homepages for all Far East projects:
Comcept (
Cyan (
5pb. (
This guide describes the visual novel that was shown at Asean Game Developer Showcase 2018 – Japan (
Here are the links to the three DLC videos:
Structure of the Old Family (
Original version of the story in visual novel format
More information about the DLC and Eva himself:


Features Key:

  • 19 original CPRR 4-4-0 steam locos in a single game add-on;
  • New Southern Pacific Great Northern and Western Divisions and various changes to the stock;
  • Details on the original Jupiter;
  • Multiple new maps including a brand-new real-world area;
  • Full English and French manual included in digital e-book format.
  • Fri, 14 May 2017 18:14:09 Z2017-05-14T18:14:09Z
    Steam Trains Pack No 3

    Steam Trains Pack No 3

    The track layout is now much bigger than in previous versions and at the very same time more trains from different railroad companies (such as the “Eastern Continental Railroad”) have been added. The improved track base also allows you to model the Nordic Regions and the West African Territories including (appropriately) Mali and Senegal.

    More than 200 different electronic components are now in stock and you can order them with a quick Click at the Amnet Express Shop or we can arrange the delivery to you.

    The order deadline: May 24, 2017.

    What is new in Steam Trains 3?

    • More than 200 new electronic components include locomotives, baggage equipment, and stacker cars.
    • New additions to the “Foreign” catalogue with more material from Germany, Africa, and other regions and countries;
    • The choice of additional freight lines is larger than ever. On demand we can customize a DLC for you;
    • The track size is more than doubled. The track width is now 640 track segments instead of 320 (160 on each side), allowing for larger layouts.
    • You can now model the “Nordic Countries” and the West African Territories;
    • A new, powerful tool allows you to lay out


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      Starbase is a space trading simulator where you control an automated factory ship. Expand your industrial empire and find new lands to colonize while avoiding interstellar pirates and rogue factions along the way.
      Using cleverly-designed trade routes, build a powerful industrial empire that will gain you fame and fortune.
      Stock up on resources, upgrade your automated ship, turn resource-gathering into a science and construct new factories.
      Match your resources to the right building blocks to unlock new upgrades.
      Complete quests to unlock new factories and additional upgrades.
      Construct your workers’ barracks and then send them to work.
      Upgrade your factories to become better at resource production.
      Travel to new systems to find resources and trade routes.
      Rent out your colonized systems to other players.
      Trade with other players in the Galactic Market, or use new automated markets to trade with different markets.
      Mine minerals and craft rare items.
      Gain Faction Points to gain influence with other players.
      Play a number of challenging Endgame missions that will reward you with gold, steel, raw resources and more.
      Challenge your friends to a battle! Use asteroids, drones, and special effects to sabotage your opponent’s factory or attack your ships. Fight other players and corporations to take out the competition!
      Various quests and missions are available depending on the region, and you can side with the Big Four factions and change them at any time.
      Over 50 original tracks in FLAC format.
      Over 200 localisation changes to cover all regions.
      Over 60 new quest modules, 11 new ships and 8 new buildable factories.
      3 new unique voice actors.
      3 new regions: Nightworld, Glacia and Artezus.
      3 new achievements, designed to take advantage of the new assets.
      Endgame: Over two dozen new quests for the Endgame that will put you in control of a new ship, a bigger factory and give you the opportunity to get exclusive story-related rewards.
      Starbase Soundtrack Vol. 1 features 14 original songs by the fantastic Marcus Warner, full of music that fits all aspects of Starbase. Moody atmospheres, bold and epic orchestral tracks and aggressive beats will inspire you to explore, build impressive creations and win dangerous battles.
      Starbase Soundtrack Vol. 1 contains the tracks for the “Announcement Trailer” and the “New Features Trailer (January 2020)”, two instrumental versions, and five ambient mood pieces by Sauli Lehtinen, which utilize the semi-pro


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      What’s new:

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      When I think of comfort food, a pasta and meat sauce comes to mind. However, it’s not pasta and meat sauce that I’m best known for.

      For years, I’ve been making a Tuscan-style Meatball sub loaded with all sorts of ingredients. When I say made, I mean scraped off the deep fryer. At the time, my friends told me that the flavors would pair so well together, I might as well just make the dish. I loved the story the familiar flavors told and the thought of creating something together with everything I already knew. Except, now it sits on the top of a list of recipes I’d like to master. Those friends weren’t wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve made the recipe and I still love all the ingredients. Slowly, I’ve discovered that the first half of the recipe isn’t as simple as it seems, especially for cheese sauces. But don’t worry, the second half is actually well worth the extra work. Let me show you. Here’s the recipe!


      This dish could easily be on a different list of comfort foods, but it was on my list because of its size. I was desperate to make a large dish for someone’s birthday, but couldn’t come up with a solution. I decided to scour the internet for ideas and came across taco chip oregano sauce. I’ve never used these mini rice chips before, but the idea immediately jumped out at me. Instead of a taco sauce, I could easily use a cheese sauce and I’d have a little food to put away for the back-to-school days. Then, I could leave a little box of treats for when my child is hungry.

      Now, I’m not talking about the sugary cereal type treats, but goodies like a cupcake. While visiting my friend’s house, I casually asked about the birthday dinner. It had just been served a few hours before and while my friend hadn’t got hungry, her kids could’ve devoured the leftovers, especially the pasta dish. I replied, “No need to send anything out for my friend’s back-to-school treat. I have such a great idea!” But, it had already touched off the imagination


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      Imagine playing football in the atmosphere of space…
      For your convenience, Zero-G uses the same playfield for both modes (competitive and cooperative), but each mode has its own unique gameplay rules.
      The game’s quick multiplayer matches in cooperative mode can be enjoyed by a maximum of three players at the same time without losing any gameplay or visual details.
      Zero-G features stunning visuals in the form of rocket ships, alien creatures, alien vehicles, and other elements from a fantasy science-fiction universe.
      The game has also got good sound effects and music which really bring the atmosphere of space racing to life.

      1-3 player cooperative campaign (Shared screen)
      2-6 player competitive multiplayer (Shared screen)
      Unique “one controller to control them all” control scheme in single player
      Short matches in “shared screen multiplayer” makes for a great party game
      12 different teams with unique AI
      8 different playfield arenas with special gameplay rules
      Best played with a controller
      ZG – Amos Basic
      ZG Blue – BlueFish 1.07 and newer
      ZG Green – BlueFish 1.07 and newer
      ZG Red – BlueFish 1.07 and newer
      Back and directional keys can be used for movement and action, respectively. Left-click to turn on the rocket booster, right-click to start the weapon & change weapon mode (from unarmed to armed), and middle-click to fire the weapon.
      The primary control scheme is the same as the one used in most space games.
      But to activate the rockets, simply left-click on the bumper & the booster will be armed.
      That means that in this control scheme the player can only press left-click to move the player or fire the rocket booster if there is a threat to him.
      Furthermore, in this control scheme, the player can simply click in order to select the weapon he wants to fire.
      This way, the player can achieve a very realistic control scheme.
      As for the rocket booster, the player can simply grab it & use it in any direction to move himself in order to get to the enemy.
      Videogame Information:
      The game has been released under GNU GPL v3.
      Anyone can modify Zero-G for free.
      You can get the whole source code from GitHub.
      All Zero-G’s assets (such as music, sound files, sprites, and sound effects) are


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      System Requirements For Additional Character Quot;Ilmeria Quot;:

      You will need to own a copy of FO3 to play this mod.
      VN Credits:
      Many thanks to my long-time friends:
      Niku Balok (B1tr0p, FTChris, Wolfsbane, and more)
      Daniel Clay (Tazar)
      Tetsuya T., (Geboren)
      Mike Moll (Stumper)
      Riku Moll (Edwind)
      Miranda Casas (Mirandas)
      Infinitus (xv77, City Dweller


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