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A cool, casual strategic action / RPG.
Our goal is to make a fun, fast, and easy
to play game with deep strategy elements
…but nothing too deep, because we don’t
want to confuse you!
Here are some types of games we have already
– A one page turn-based RPG
– Fight with your friends or against the
– Online and offline multiplayer and
– Colored sprites.
– Character, status, and equipment panels.
– Enough stuff to play for dozens of hours.
Brave 2:
– Serious, tactical and intense, but
with a light heart.
– Character, status, and equipment panels
in a game with a good-action-flow design.
– Evolving, with many updates and additions.
– Colored sprites.
– Same great features as Brave, plus more.
– Exploding Game!
– Online and offline multiplayer.
– More features added to the battle system.
– A lot of fun is left for you!
A fighting game.
– You play the part of a ninja!
– One-on-one and two-player mode available.
– In short: You go from the flying fox to
the flying pen.
– Gimmicks, such as the use of explosives,
pushing etc.
– Get familiar with the fighting system!
Also, we hope that our games will give
you many hours of fun.
– Long-time development.
– Dual release on Android/iOS devices!
– Beautiful graphics.
– For all uses.
Bigger than StepMania!
– 3D graphics.
– Character, status, and equipment panels.
– Fight against the computer and your
– Colored sprites.
– Mobile Multiplayer!
– Mobile Duel mode!
– Many more features to discover.
Join the community!
– Search our web-site and forum.
Join us on Facebook!
– We are BraveDBG Facebook Fanpage
– We are BraveDBG Google+ Fanpage
– Google+ Fanpage
– We are BraveDBG Twitter Fanpage
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Reddit
– Tumblr
– YouTube
Check out our list of games/apps on Google Play.
Click on the “Explore” button on the menu
The first two games are probably


ȡ机三国志-BT版 Features Key:

  • All in One Game
  • Story mode and Endless mode
  • Save and load multiple profiles
  • Easy to play
  • Work well on phone, tablet and PC
  • Dress up outfits from a wide range
  • Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere
  • Work closely with dozens of systems
  • Balcony especially suitable for the modern thinking
  • Well-designed, easy to play, 1 level

Recent changes:

  • Added tremendous number of systems from 20 to 30


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Highway to the Moon was inspired by the classic Atari game, Roadrunner. Your mission as a highwayman is to take down the Unger Max Gang, air traffic control, alien affairs, and the leadersquad. The road is hot and the crossroads are tight. Why not create a patch of road that will blow all others away? Unleash the power of the Phase Shifter, earn achievements, and become the highwayman you always knew you were.


I’m surprised it has been so long since I have seen this question.
First, this is not Roadrunner, Roadrunner is a game where you run in 2D on a road with a maze that goes around.
My first real Roadrunner game was on the Amiga, I started around the same time as the transition to 3D gaming, so I have no idea if there are any others.
A google search on “Atari Roadrunner game free” gives me this:

But this is definitely not the same game as the one mentioned above.
If you get a chance, check out
I’ll give the game a quick try and let you know if it’s worth a look or not.
If you want to download the game yourself, it’s in the archives.


Having played both Roadrunner and Highway to the Moon, I’d say:
The Roadrunner game is a little bit more arcade-y, since you have to run through a lot of obstacles, and the game has a music player in case you don’t want to play it in a noisy environment.
The Highway to the Moon is a little bit more simulation/strategy oriented, because you can fire in all directions, even behind you, and you can save your progress at any time.
In short: I’d say they’re pretty similar games, but there are a lot of small differences.
I found the Roadrunner game very hard – too many enemies trying to shoot at you at once; and the Highway to the Moon tends to give more time to think about your next move, because once the enemies start shooting at you they keep doing so.
Now I’m just curious what this “GameCube version” looks like.

Perfect for those who want to build their


ȡ机三国志-BT版 Crack + Download

–Tense survival gameplay
–Procedural generated levels, and missions
–Over 2000 random events, no play through is the same
–Play blackjack and hunt for food
–Recruit four different character classes to your squad
–Upgrade your troops with the flexible ‘weapon pack’ system
–Goofball humor throughout
–Enemy commanders have different tactics and A.I
–Fight through snow, deserts, beaches, cities and forests
–More than 20 achievements
Please consider buying the previous version of the game from steam. Thank you.

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welcome to my humble blog, i am a game developer, tech geek and part-time streamer. i love to play and make funny funny and new arcade style game’s. so enjoy your time here. i hope you will stick around and if you do please give a thumbs up so i can know i made your day. my work can be found here:

my first game ‘Maze Mutant’ is here now:

MY next game, im working on right now is ‘World War’. its also an arcade style fighting game and has a story. (venturing game)What to Do When You Aren’t Ready to Become a Mom, and the Best Ways to Make It Look Like It Never Happened

When it comes to getting married, almost everyone has a plan — you know, like getting a second grader to be your best man or a dog to be the flower girl. But when it comes to the transition to parenthood, many people have all the details of their house built and their kids’ classrooms picked out, but they’re not really ready to hand over that ring.

Whatever your reason, as someone who has already done this with a child, it sounds simple: what’s the thing that you’re most terrified about about going from not-parent to parent? In my experience, everything. Those


What’s new in ȡ机三国志-BT版:

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.

There are two biggest challenges of modern AAA mobile games. The first is storytelling, and the second is character progression — how do you drive the series forward as it grows? Figuring out some of the latter is easier in some genres than others, but it is a challenge that genre needs addressing. The former is harder since current storytelling technology is lacking.

The Gunjack Saga

I would venture to guess that you all know about Gamezebo’s 2014 year end awards, and how The Gunjack Saga snagged the “Best Storytelling” award. This is a mobile genre that doesn’t get too much attention outside of the “semi-niche” mobile gamer discussion. Recently we had a good conversation on how Gamezebo (and everyone) probably loves this game about how even though it is about the monetization of mobile games it is about a story first.

However, the latter of these challenges — the development of character progression — is exactly the part where I am going to discuss CRANGA! (pronounced Crazy 8) and what we have been working on for the last six months.

I have attended game jam after game jam where I am always disappointed in games that don’t have clear development plans. And while Gunjack does have one the problem with Gunjack (at least the one I worked on) is that it was very rough around the edges. It was very hard to play and almost impossible to close an important item chest (which was the one thing gunjack excels at). Oh, and it also has a bad grinding system — which is never a good thing to say — and just about anything in the game that you could kill in maybe one shot.

When I took over the development of CRANGA! after the original lead had walked out I made a pretty clear plan. This is what it looks like:

Play and Design Highlights

In my personal experience, mobile games tend to get less attention then their iPhone/Android/TPS counterparts.

The outsourced advertising is what gives mobile games recognition with the general public. Due to the fairly common marketplace, games and the types of people that play mobile games are significantly different from those that played western games, as


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The following Touhou Project characters and tropes are referenced:
Noisy dead cat Inaba Rokumou
Someone stole Kashiki’s airbender
Cyan’s Drunken Big Sis
Well, the Sakura Sumisu troll who made Inaba and Atelier Yumi.
Voices by Erica Jorgensen

* Collaboration with the Touhou Project is always a pleasure. I encourage everyone out there to create a new game.

The Boss, Yoko Hakushiki is the one who gave me permission to make this.

▌About the Game

This is a visual novel with a few quests. There are a total of 10 lives, 10 character affinities, 8 Quests, and 2 endings. You can play this in 20 minutes to a total of 30 minutes.

I kept to the setting of Gensokyo as closely as possible, even keeping some of the music from that series in here.

There are some quizzes in the game that you need to answer correctly for certain achievements. It is totally optional though.

You can change your choices on the get-go if you want to try a different character.

The character is labelled as “You” from the get-go, as opposed to which character you are currently playing as.

You start as an innocent, young, blond, teenage girl (You are blonde in the video), struggling with mental illness. She’s pretty face is broken by her constant crying. She’s completely blind, because she can’t handle her mental illness.

If the player does not like the character, the choices will not reset!

You can only re-choose the same character for a new playthrough!

You can re-draw your character before you start.

This is an older version, which still has some missing content like the first option or whether you’re a Nymph or something.

Content not in the official Touhou Project:

The first option is an old version of character 8 Youkai traits. I replaced it with a custom version I made myself.

The second option is about character 3 traits. I replaced it with a custom version I made myself.

The third option is about character 2 traits. I replaced it with a custom version I made myself.

The fourth option is for the first two traits. I replaced it with a custom version I made myself.

The fifth option is


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