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The Twin Blades of Light is a quick paced, high energy arena shooter where players compete by gathering resources to build and upgrade their weapons, armor, and gear. Power and agility will be tested in the challenge of the arena for glory and riches.

Suggestions for platform improvements:
-Make it easier for players to split from the Shatter Gem in the middle of a fight. Currently, if one of the player’s in the next wave of a fight is taken out, it can be difficult to split to avoid it’s ganging up on you.

-Have the bubble of the downed zombie in the distance get visually effected when they’re killed by a grenade or truck explosion.

-Maybe have the health bar of the character that’s hit with a grenade or truck kill effected by the explosion to give a slight damage spike.

-These types of things would add an extra level of difficulty as you go through a round. PVE players that are used to all of this and are now forced to deal with these things in a PVP environment will have a much greater challenge.

Suggestions for gameplay improvements:
-Increase the size of the Shatter Gems that you get at the end of a match. Currently you have to have a 4th or 5th gem to even be able to run again if you’re playing solo. This not only makes it harder to level up but forces players to level up with a significant loss of XP gain by not having enough shards to pay for shards!

-Increase the amount of shards you get in a match. Currently you get 3 shards a match on average. This is not hard to get anymore, but it’s an easy XP/Lvl gain to begin with that’s really hard to maintain throughout the match. Adding more shards would keep this even more so and also would help with the Shatter Gem issue.

-Have the Shatter Gem split into Shards when you pick it up after hitting a player. Currently this takes place right after the player you hit dies, which means you have to keep splitting the gem everytime you take a hit and you have to deal with the slow split.

-Add another hitbox to the Van driver and the truck. This would make me play differently. This is a problem though because the next hit box is after the Van driver hits me, which is a little too close for comfort.

-The sharding UI needs to be redone and sped up. The UI is currently VERY slow


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Your goal in the official Tekken series is to become the King of Iron Fist. As you advance in your martial arts career and perform new moves, you will earn ranks, and reach the next level. Become the King of Iron Fist and strive for the title of the best fighter in the universe! For more information about the official Tekken series, please visit:
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TPP) is the latest installment in the long-running fighting game series, now available on all home consoles. In addition to enhanced graphics and gameplay, you will now have the opportunity to battle against or alongside famous real-life personalities such as the Metal Slug star Akira Takayama and Tekken star Paul Phoenix. More information can be found at the official site:
For more information on Tekken and additional special DLC characters, please visit:

Buy Season Pass and save, including
7 DLC characters: Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Kuma the bear, the Metal Slug series characters Nero, Siegfried, Daimon, Kuraga, Eckhart, and Rolento,
2 team balanced maps (50 VS 50): Duel and Double Battle,
1 public training mode (PvE)
4 unlockable items: Champion Armor Set, Championship Tricker, Perfect Training Partner, Kuma Costume

Play Mode – Challenge your friends and make your way through the ranks of the Iron Fist tournament and beyond. All games can be played in either versus and team modes.
Fighters – Battlegrounds against other player fighters or teams. Teams of five fight against the AI fighters in versus mode or against human opponents in team mode.
Extended Armament – Fighters can wear full-armored armor when participating in non-story missions. The armor is unlocked via an in-game purchase.
Ranked Matchmaking – Fight against other ranked opponents in ranked matches. Ranked matches are grouped by difficulty to prevent players from being matched with more difficult opponents than they are capable of handling.
Friend Lists – View your friends and contacts’ online Tekken profiles and communicate with them. More information on chatting, trading, and items can be found in the official game guide.
Statistic Viewer – Keep track of your game stats such as number of wins, number of losses, number


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In the feudal kingdom of Alba, life is cheap. Conscripted by the lords to serve their kingdoms, the people are treated like property. On her first day as a conscript, Emma is captured. Forced into servitude, she fights for her life against the Lord’s henchmen, but can a girl truly change the laws of the land? Can she have the world she wants if it comes at the price of her freedom?Rise to The Edge of Madness:
Though trapped in a world where most are slaves, some are chosen to serve in the Royal Guard. They are the elite warriors who guard the land, transporting the rulers to and from battles and keeping them well protected.
From there, it’s a race against time. When a rebellion sparks, our warrior begins a quest to find her own heroism as the royal family must battle to keep their reign.
The Price of Freedom:
At the command of a rebellious lord, Emma must retrieve a bundle of dirt and bring it to him. But when the lord dies, who will send for the bundle? Will Emma reach the lord’s last resting place, or will she be forced into a life of servitude in his castle?The Perfect Battlefield:
As you travel the land in search of tiles, you must learn to adapt to the landscape and terrain as it changes. There are towns, caves, tombs, bridges and even canals! Explore them all to figure out what they are, how to open them and how to approach them!Some tiles are still normal land and may require a change of plans, but there are many tiles that can’t be explored until you unlock them, so you have to do your best to make sure you hit them!As you run, the story unfolds and characters appear. Will Emma’s quest remain a secret, or will she save her friends and fellow conscripts? What does the lord of hell want with Emma’s strange bundle? Even though she’s been rescued, will her life be a living hell as she learns what it really means to serve the lords of Alba?Will you play your hand right, or will the game tell you? Will you choose the path of love or the path of ruth?Do I have a Love to Soul or a Soul to Love?Raiden:
Like its predecessor, Redcode, Raiden uses the programmable Tile on a grid to make a rogue-like game. A play mechanic that adds to the challenge and a story mechanic that adds to the fun make


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