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“Siralim: Stone Seekers is an excellent take on a well-worn series and something that has not been seen on the current generation of consoles.”
Gamer Pocket
“Siralim: Stone Seekers, which launched on Nintendo 3DS last week, is filled with new ideas and wonderful characters, most notably the Quetzalus, Stone Seekers and their sacred artifact the Relic.”
Game Informer
“Siralim: Stone Seekers was made very easy to learn, but still offers an amazing amount of depth.”
“If Siralim: Stone Seekers is going to be successful, it would be worth saying a few words about each of the games substantial mechanical innovations as well as improved visuals.”
“If you’re a fan of the Pokémon franchise, Siralim: Stone Seekers is certain to please.”
“…Siralim: Stone Seekers is a fantastic platforming throwback to Nintendo games of yore that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”
“A joyous addition to the great Siralim’s library, as well as the series’, and a nice companion to the 3DS alongside Pokémon X and Y.”
Game Revolution
About the Game:
“Siralim: Stone Seekers is an adventure-platformer, which really sets itself apart from other recent 3D platformers by the developer’s emphasis on puzzles rather than combat.”
About the Music:
“For those who want the full experience, the fully orchestrated music is available via DLC download for $5.99.”
Nintendo Life

The Vita version of Tales of Innocence R: City of Misfortunes went up on the Australian PlayStation Store a couple of hours ago so I thought I would share the download with you.

In the adventure, you take on the role of a katana-swinging samurai but I think we’ll all agree that this title is much more than your average stereotypical sword and sorcery RPG.

Tales of Innocence R: City of Misfortunes is a lighthearted approach to the traditional manga genre and is paced in a very refreshing way. The story is filled with variety with plenty of character development, over-the-top comedy


Features Key:

  • Beautiful 2D art and lively soundtrack
  • Challenging single-player mode, plus local multiplayer.
  • Humble Indie Bundle : Rock n’ Roll

    Humble Indie Bundle : Rock n’ Roll

    Rock n’ Roll

    Collector’s Edition

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    Steam Workshop

    Humble Indie Bundle : Rock n’ Roll

    Steam Workshop

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    Steam Workshop

    Humble Indie Bundle : Rock n’ Roll



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    …Over 17 Days…
    Enjoy the electrifying fireworks and show by taking a trip to the Hakurei Shrine.
    The festivities begin on the 1st of the year, and you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of “Celebration in the Human Village!”
    In this town, the residents are pretty busy preparing for the festival, and are busy shopping around for the things they think would be good gifts for the holiday.
    There is also a shrine maiden hailing from the neighbouring Shichijouji Shrine who requests your help in selling her blouse, and a yokai who is looking for a Christmas tree to worship.
    She also works as the maid of a family with a young daughter, and with the help of your Yuuko, you manage to all make it into a festive gathering!
    As the festival wears on, you manage to find more and more strange things to look at, and will be busy filling the seasons with laughter!
    There will be plenty to see and enjoy in this town! Be sure to come back for more!
    Enjoy the fireworks with Sakuya as you immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere!
    [Story by the Touhou Project]STORY
    [Playable characters]
    Yuuko, a spirit who works as a maid for Sakuya’s house.
    She is a kind-hearted and beautiful girl who has a friendly personality.
    Enjoyable and funny, she is a “Yuuko” in this world!
    Rin, a wizard who works as a consultant for the Hakurei Shrine.
    He has a kind-hearted personality, and is known as the “Man with Green Hair”.
    A gentleman you can talk with and who is quick to laugh.
    As a yokai, you know what it is like to suffer through a long-winded and boring conversation!
    Sakuya, a spiritualist who lives in the Hakurei Shrine.
    A mysterious and quiet person who is always immersed in her thoughts.
    She seems to just be a plain girl, but you’ll see…
    [Ending characters]
    Madoka, a beautiful spirit who appears on the 1st of December.
    A somewhat rude and vain spirit who is very fond of her appearance.
    She has a very weird hobby where she feels satisfied if she’s in her underwear in front of a mirror.
    Gensou no Kira, a Hakurei Shrine Maiden who seems to have an interest in humans.
    A friendly spirit who appears on the


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    [XBOX Gameplay][1]
    [ [2]Mimic Gameplay][3]
    [ [4]Mimic Controls][5]
    [XBOX Live Gameplay][6]
    [ [5]Mimic FAQ][7]
    [XBOX Store page link][9]
    [ [6]Special Thanks to Motivator Laboratories][10]
    [ [7]Legal Disclaimer][11]
    1) Introduction
    Are you comfortable with a high energy online couch multiplayer shooter? If the answer is yes this is what you’ve been looking for. Mimic Arena is a local couch multiplayer platform shooter that focuses on quick reflexes and timing. With four players the game has no AI.
    2) Controls
    I suggest to press LMB and RMB to move and shoot respectively, some players might be used to the Xbox controller. Click on the target to zoom and fire accordingly.
    3) Player Setup
    Setup is done by the host, it’s quick to do and you can do it online.
    4) Game Play
    Host sets the map to four player, and start the game. Four players match up to the map, and they can play at the same time with no wait time. Rounds last 5 seconds (increasing for difficulty) and there is an unlimited amount of time to do anything. Players are matched in to teams of red and blue, with the order of the teams determined at the beginning of the round.
    Players are picked with the order of round 1 being blue team 1, red team 1, blue team 2, red team 2, blue team 3, red team 3. This prevents dead players, the host can run the counterclockwise order, which forces the first two players on the blue team to take the same wave of map. Round 2 will work the same except the order is reversed.
    Players start on the map by default and must use the environment to avoid attacks. Mimics appear randomly on the map, three red and three blue. Mimics can destroy the environment if shot, appearing in different squares of the map or exploding. If a mimic goes to a player, they attack and they continue to move around the map until they decide to turn into a clone which appears above the players head.
    Players will have to control these Mimics and attack them quickly, by pressing the left bumper, the player jumps to the mimic and can move around the map like a Boomerang. You can move both forward and backwards and turn to


    What’s new in LET IT DIE -(Special)Express Pass- 012:

    The base. We all have been beaten up by the bear if we don’t run… and run hard.

    You may run, you may walk. Or you may choose to fight.

    Thousands of years ago, heaven and earth split. We will not forget the early ones who knew this would be the outcome. We will bring tears of blood as we carve a new course for humanity.

    Gladius is a warrior from a war-like society with superior technology. He hides in the shadows of a large wood. He has a bad temper.

    He is arrogant. He boasts of killing. He wants to reach the heavens, and to conquer the
    demons of hell.

    You are the first guardian’s minions. You will work relentlessly to survive in this murky world.

    But nothing is free. You have to sleep. You have to eat. You have to find food. You also have to fight
    the monsters around you.

    Living is easy; surviving is harder. Remember that.

    However, sometimes you may be the lucky ones. You have a new duty to fulfil. A new mission. A new race to

    You are blessed. You are not alone. You will have the last stand. You will have your place in history.

    Those who have nothing will drive you. Those who have nothing and have never dreamt will know your
    strength. Those who have learned to fight will prove your worth.

    You will fight for freedom. And you will fight for the kingdom.

    The result:
    You will get the most powerful weapon. You will get better armour than any other. You will also get an
    immense bonus to attack, defence, and offensive power. Your player class will be increased. You will also get
    new AI bosses.

    This game is for you!It is a great action RPG. You play a mighty warrior. You can upgrade your equipment
    and weapons. Your combat skill depends on how you have improved or how much you fight.

    This game is 2D with pixel-based graphics but will render with the 3D graphics with some more character in 3D.

    If you want to remove the cube version or want to edit this version, you can contact me easily.

    You may now download the smallest edition of this file which is a compressed.zip file. I suggest it for your faster download and it will give you a higher quality


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    PHP Copy Files to server

    Is it possible to copy files to a server like a normal website but have them uploaded to the server once complete?
    Is this possible to use some sort of FTP program to do this or can it only be done with the help of PHP?


    In a generic sense, the answer is no.
    If you have access to the server with SSH, and you know your files are in a directory on the server, you can use scp
    If you’re not on a server that supports ssh, you’re probably better off sending the file using ftp or http.


    A PHP script (so-called CGI script) can check if a file is owned by it, be it an upload or any other operation. If the file is owned by the PHP script, you can rename or move it.
    If you don’t own the file, you cannot modify it. The only way is to copy the file into a new one (mkdir, touch or similar) and do the operation on the new file.


    VS2013 and multi-target framework (debug and release, release only…)

    So I have a project that is using the standard multi-target framework and I’m trying to set it up so that I can build in Debug and Release, as well as Release only.
    I have the Release configuration set to…

    vs2013 (/v14)
    target framework 4.5.1 (/v4.5)
    console application (/v1)
    “Visual Studio 2010 (.NET Framework 4.0)”

    This project has a separate class library project that gets built and deployed by another build script. This library has the file target framework as target framework: “v4.0” and the “Build Action” for this project is set to “Embedded Resource” (the resource project is in the same solution but targets framework 4.0).
    On my machine when I run the program I see the following error message:


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    My First Run of ZEPHON:

    Requires Lingvo3. Enjoy!

    Note 1:

    <span style="line-



    System Requirements:

    * Windows 10
    * Internet Connection
    * Steam Account
    * Minimum Resolution: 1920×1080
    * Recommended Resolution: 2560×1440
    * Playable On: Any Monitor Resolution
    Is this game playable without an internet connection?
    No, the game will load game data (save files, levels) from the Steam cloud and will not be playable without internet connection.
    Why isn’t there any Mouse-look/left-click support?
    The game features camera pans and a touch/click


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