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Name I Am Your President
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The game is a platformer that lets you:
– explore the spacious and quite detailed world
– fight against deadly enemies – with a powerful weapon or not.
– catch deadly insects with a fly swarm
– get vehicles – to speed up moves on the ground
– turn a real hero
– play on a wide range of skill levels – with an extendable difficulty
– get a few new weapons – with the power to hit enemies from high distances
– become a story-driven character
Some words about the credits of this game:
You will be safe – a lot of time and a lot of money have gone into the production of this game.
Finally, have Fun!
[X] Beginner – Easy (no instructions)
[X] Intermediate (kind of easy)
[ ] Expert (not so easy, but not crazy difficult)
[X] Nightmare (probably hard for some people)
[ ] Nighmare (horror theme)
[ ] Joke (This is what I call a “special” category. Challenges are extremely hard.)
More info in the credits.
Game does not support multiplayer.
– Tips and help
– Credits
– A lot more in the credits.
– I am the developer of this game.
– Android game feedback is also very welcome.
Note: No re-upload of any kind is allowed. It’s an Android game. It needs to be uploaded directly to the Google Play Store.
(Played at least 5 times as a beginner and started simple levels as an Expert. He survives!)
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I Am Your President Features Key:

  • one screen for all your games – on-screen joystick in easy-to-see position
  • directional buttons – for strafing, rotating etc. in a wide range of game types
  • 15 display modes – great for multitasking
  • fully configurable – your pleasure
  • updated update system – simply plug in USB key and play. You’re away
  • longer shelf life – key will last 2 years
  • very portable – it’s just 5,5 cm long and heavy
  • The Lar is very easy to use once programmed – just press the on-screen button to start your game and keep on til you win.

    Your battery-operated Lar comes with a set of simple programming instructions together with separate batteries that it doesn’t need to be plugged in during play.
    The battery compartment opens up and plugs out of the back to make it super portable. Add this customizable flash key to your Game Gear collection today!Q:

    docker-compose depends_on has no attributes

    I’m trying to install Apache on a container based on tassignm’s docker image without doing a Dockerfile file, but it gives me an error message. Here is my docker-compose file:
    image: tassignm/tomcat9
    – “8080:8080”
    – backend
    image: tassignm/tomcat9
    – “8080:8080”
    command: bash -c “chown -R root:root /home/tomcat/logs; /home/tomcat/bin/startup.sh”

    When I do docker-compose run web, it says Depends on backend: no dependencies found. So I assume there is a problem with the depends_on syntax.
    Here is the “LATEST” message from docker logs ( for instance, after docker-compose up web):
    Nov 18 22:52:07 mawei


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    I Am Your President PC/Windows 2022 [New]

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