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A true helicopter pilot’s dream.
The most realistic helicopter pilot game there ever was.
System Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP
CPU: Intel Core i3-530, Pentium G620, or AMD Phenom II X4 965
Hard Drive: ~16 GB free
DirectX: 9.0c
23/7/15: Fixed an issue where the helicopter’s gun was not firing correctly
21/7/15: Reduced the helicopter’s landing speed
15/7/15: Fixed 3D video disconnect/restart
12/7/15: Reduced the helicopter’s engine model, and thus its landing speed
9/7/15: Landings are now held down by the Left Trigger, both by default and on the alternate map.
8/7/15: Adjusted the game’s skill level cap in the options to make higher skill easier; increased overall difficulty for Casual, and increased the difficulty on Normal and Hard to make it a fair challenge to any skill level.
5/7/15: Added 10 achievements for new players
4/7/15: Added a new alternate map; but the original is still the best
3/7/15: Fixed a bug where the helicopter did not save its game state correctly
2/7/15: Added a new way for the helicopter to be damaged, flying through an enemy, so that jet blast and wreck damage will affect it (and make it easier to land after some punishing damage); removed the weapon from the helicopter’s catalog, so that the player can only use the craft’s twin 30mm gun; made the helicopter’s hull better at stopping bullets
1/7/15: First playable release, with multiplayer, 5 aircraft, and an alternate map (see below)

Get an aerial view of the enemy base by hovering the chopper over a fixed point on the map. The helicopter can be damaged, and as its damage increases, it will lose control of the landing gear. Use the Landing Control Stick to bring the helicopter safely to the ground to destroy the enemy and recover your payload.
Make it to the top of the enemy base, and the mission is complete.
Battlefield Mode:
If you lose, you must restart from the beginning.
Left Stick: Hover
Right Stick: Landing Control
Left Trigger: Accelerate
Right Trigger: Brake


Features Key:

  • Play a series of special mini-games in the world of your favorite Disney movies
  • Game includes 5 new characters from the Walt Disney Animation Studios>Boba Fett, Flint, Grunkle Stan, Pluto and Tigger
  • Brand new Cases
  • Brand new Puzzles
  • Brand new HD Busts
  • Brand new HD Characters (pulled from the cartoon or a recent live action movie)


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CPU Invaders is a platform game for the Spectrum 128 with
a maze-like play field and breakable barriers.
It also features a unique 2 player mode with 2 screens and
head to head competition.
The concept of the game was a fast-paced Pacman like game where
upwards only and no walls were allowed. It took years of research and
development to finally create a game that was fast yet challenging and
would appeal to hardcore Pacman fans as well as to new Pacman players.
The game was originally scheduled to release to the public in October
1984, but was delayed to Christmas time. The release date was changed
to 30th of November 1984.
The game was released in the US by Williams Microcomputer Products
(WMP) and in the UK by Capital Games, and was later ported to the
Tandy TRS-80, the ZX Spectrum, and the Amstrad CPC.
The recommended requirements are:
128K RAM
2 Colour monitor
Spectrum/CT/128 16 colour VGA VIC-II compliant
Yar’s 676 or 128K enhanced
Moose’s PowerTab
12″ x 9″ x 15″ x 1″
The game is played on a 16×32 pixel grid with moving barriers
and on a 16×16 pixel grid with monsters which attack the player.
The player can jump through one level to the other, via
a gate with which the player can enter the other grid.
This can be done by pushing the gate to create the
“wall-jump”. After the wall-jump the player is entered
into the other level grid, which is in the other direction.
The player can move upwards only and not backwards.
Each level has been designed to be simple, rewarding and
interesting. It is divided into 4 rooms, which are interconnected
by doors. The player starts out in the second room with one
monster in each corner of the level. The goal of the game
is to collect all of them before the level timer runs out.
When all monsters have been collected the level is over.
More monsters will always spawn when collecting a monster.
Time is set by the game, and by a time message
shown in the top left corner of the screen.


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Cricket 22 Features:
The Ashes: host to the most famous sporting rivalry in the world, the unique event has been recreated in the most detailed simulation of the sport ever!
Full Over-the-Top (OTT) cricket commentary
Recreational mode
Explore the game through multiple cricketing decades
International Competitions: play in the CPL, Big Bash T20, Friends of Test, and Test matches to win leagues, cups, and more
Cricket has never looked better. Now, its deeper than ever.
Top-notch visual improvements
Delivers the most immersive cricket experience ever
New commentary team, including Australian legends from days gone by!
New user experience, including improved tutorials and user interface
The full Big Bash T20 cricket mode where you can play in the 2020 Big Bash League or World Cup.
Play in the historical cricket seasons, recreated in detail
A variety of key tournaments, including: Test Matches
Friends of Test Matches
Women’s International Matches
Test Matches, including the Women’s Ashes – one of the best-known sporting rivalries in the world!
Tournaments: play in the tournaments of Australia, England, New Zealand, West Indies, Ireland, South Africa and Zimbabwe
Build a squad, play a season, manage your team on and off the field.
Create your own player, club, and compete against the world!
Take part in the most accessible cricket game ever created.
Attain a league or cup victory!
In-depth career mode
Its the most accessible cricket game yet; New to cricket? A dedicated tutorial takes you through the basics. Having its training, general life skills, and media features, the new and improved career mode has everything you need to get started right away!
Compete in a challenge for a chance to play in the knockout phase of the PGA
Manage the finances of your business
Hire and fire the staff
Hire new coaches and staff
Overhauled career progression
Compete against the world in leagues, cups, and more.
Treat injuries
Recreational mode
Discover all-new destinations including new venues and buildings, with advanced ball physics for what will be the most authentic cricket experience youll ever have!

Cricket 22 delivers the most robust, substantial game of cricket that fans have ever seen. Enjoy the full licensed Ashes contest the pinnacle of the long-standing rivalry between Australia and England. In addition, contest


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