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1.Farming and Mining
2.Buy Buildings, buy from entire map
3.Picking up [eater] fruit and mushrooms
4.Using minerals and wood
5.Builds houses
6.Build dynamite(throw explosives)
7.Build machine gun and other weapons
8.Buy buff fruit
9.Buying skill points
10.Obtain skill points
11.Selling building
12.Horse ride
14.Build boats
15.Build rafts
16.Buy vehicles
17.Craft weapons
18.Resource generates randomly
19.Cooling system
20.Survival Mode
21.God Mode
22.Free Space Exploration
23.Colors and lights
24.Zombies and Robots
25.Vampires and Caves
26.The mermaid
29.Plank tiles
30.Build traps
31.Dropped items on the ground
32.Got enemies to every corner
33.Break stone
34.Wooden building
35.Falling rocks
36.Pieces of jigsaw puzzles
37.Creature hunt
38.Dig underground
39.Slope terrace
40.Rainy day
42.Ship storm
46.Rocket launcher
51.Save game
52.Lesser enemies
53.Bigger enemies
54.Robot army
55.Fangs(surprise in a range)
56.Frog(surprise in a range)
57.Harvest vampire(vampire eating human)
58.Cancer(cancer eating everything, including the user)
59.Flying robot
60.Smart robot
61.Human conversion
62.Gargantua robot
63.Transformation robot
64.New Zombie type
65.New Robot type
66.The mermaid
67.Big ocean waves
68.The swimmer
69.Natural swimming speed
70.Buying a tree house
72.The end

What is the difference between the zombie and the robot?

While zombies attack you on the ground,


ɚ秘世界 Features Key:

  • High speed control
  • Voice acting
  • Long-time mode suitable for relaxing
  • An exciting battle with great atmosphere.


ɚ秘世界 Free [Updated]

WORLD OF DREAMS is a platformer inspired by a dystopian dreamscape; inspired by Brazil, Japan, and New Mexico. Use your skills and smarts to survive and carve a path to freedom with your partner, Sana, a spirited dreamer. Each dimension of WORLD OF DREAMS is packed with unique secrets, puzzles, and dangers – the more you explore, the more you will learn.You control Sana as she uses her unique powers to navigate a mysterious dreamworld. Working together, you must accomplish each task at the expense of the dreamworld’s balance. Can you become a hero?Find out more at: worldofdreams.com

Recent reviews from users:

2 February 2012


Predictable gameplay, but fun platforming. The game is beautifully created and has an incredible soundtrack. But the mini boss battles and story are extremely dull and uninspiring, and the gameplay itself is really repetitive. The game could have been so much more with a little more creativity.

The character and story are also very corny. It’s a cute concept, but it doesn’t translate well to the gameplay.

It’s mostly decent, but I think there are some areas it could have been better. If you’re a fan of the original, then this is a good game. I’m not really a fan, but it’s probably worth playing.

5 November 2010


The game is a challenging platformer with a well balanced, easy to use controls. I think the environments are worth the replay value. The game gives you many ways to solve puzzles and the game is very easy to navigate. It keeps you exploring, and finding new ways to solve puzzles.
I do think the writing is a little too high school. But it made me laugh at times, and I think it works well enough in the game.

The game is overall a great game in a genre that has been stagnating. I think that it has some fun ideas in it. It keeps the players attention with it’s atmosphere and music and it gave me many ways to solve puzzles. It gave me many different solutions in how I should approach the game.I found it to be very hard at some points, but I wouldn’t say that it was frustrating, because I kept trying to find other solutions.

In conclusion, I think it was a great purchase for me, because it’s nice, funny and quirky.


ɚ秘世界 Free [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

No annoying ads.
Full-screen mode.
Optionally play without sound.
Best of the best mode: only see the circles.
Community-made level editor.

Download “Multimirror” free now. We created this puzzle game after losing our touch on an Android table-top game we have been making for a while. We discovered that this game had vanished from the market. We recreated the whole thing from scratch and put it online!

You are an alien, and we found this friendly friendly planet. Wanna come for a visit? It’s more than three thousand miles from your home planet, maybe you can bring some souvenir back from your trip! If you are the lucky winner of our giveaway, you will receive the “Multimirror” game for free! Let’s do this! Good luck!


There are two ways to play. Either touch the colored circles to reflect them, or touch the colored circles to move them. The circles move with a similar speed that you would see in a traditional Tetris game, but they behave differently. The game ends when all the circles touch the winning point. If all the circles are touching the the winning point, you win. If a circle is blocked by another circle, the circle disappears. Some blocks are transparent, and they will disappear when a circle passes them.

This app was not created for children.This app is for those 18 and older. Want to contact the developer? Email [email protected]

*** Now with in-game purchases! ***

More functionality and coin upgrades can be unlocked by buying coins with real money. However, you can also unlock those features, more or less, for free. Simply contact the developer, and show him that you are willing to spend real money, and you will receive everything for free. Let the game developer know that you want the “VIP” version, for example, and he will give you the “VIP” version for free!

*** Store purchases are not supported! ***

You can unlock everything by purchasing coins with real money. However, you can also unlock those features, more or less, by paying with real money. All of the features are unlocked by simply connecting the app to your Google Play account, or simply using the in-game currency (the “coins”). For some features (the ones that come with regular, non-subscription, purchases, for example), you can also unlock those features


What’s new in ɚ秘世界:

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    七虎磨雨 – 黄小虎 by XxX UNIFYment

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    “Defenders is an amazing and highly-polished runner game. With captivating, colorful visuals, exhilarating, fluid gameplay and an enthralling story, the game features each and every aspect of what makes a perfect runner game. Defenders is a game not only for those running fans, but also those who enjoy great gameplay.”

    “And believe it or not, they’re technically not sharks at all — they’re bottom-dwelling fish with long tails and enormous mouths.”

    We’re at the end of a long time.
    The same time as we were born.
    We’ve grown to outgrow the sea.
    Will the sea ever again call us mother?
    The waves pull at our legs, as we try to break free.
    Focused effort. Focus.
    We leave behind the dark, black water, run towards the rays.
    Will we be a trail of destruction?
    Can’t care.
    We are the tide.
    If we break, the sun will go down.
    How far will the sun go down?
    The sun is eternal.
    How can the sun go down?
    The sun is eternal.
    We move forward and up, over land, over seas.
    Rising sun ahead.
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    Hurry, hurry, hurry!
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    Will we be caught up by her tail?
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    Are you tired?
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    Are you angry?
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System Requirements:

– 64 bit Windows Vista/7/8
– 64 bit Windows 7/8
– 16GB RAM
1.9GB Disk Space
2.2GB Disk Space
Before starting this tutorial, you must have some knowledge about programming and Java. Some basic knowledge is also required in understanding the terminology, like container, position, and assignment.
What You Will Learn
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple game in


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