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Download Setup & Crack ☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



You are Keyla, a young doctor in the island during a pandemic.
You are in a small hospital with a few people.
A ghostly voice foretells a scary future, in which you will have to choose which of your patients will live and which of them will die.
“Mayday” has a very strange start and there will not be another version.
Beware of the illness – because there is a deadly pandemic.
Save the lives of your patients who have the chance of staying alive.
Make the right choices to save them and let them live for the days that are ahead.
“Mayday” is a game that is designed to attract the eyes of those who want to explore the concept of video games and artificial intelligence.
Story About The Game Mayday:
As we all know, the pandemic has hit the world.
Soon after the quarantine is lifted, the president announces that he will be the country.
Outside the hospital, the streets are on fire.
The population is mad, and the chaos is out of control.
In the hospital the situation is nearly the same: patients are dying.
The rich have servants, the poor have a bit of money.
The women and men are slaves of the virus.
The black people – the poor – are being treated worse than the white.
The children are paying a higher price than the adults: their lives are less valuable and easier to take than the lives of older people.
In your time, you will have to make a choice between the lives of your patients in the cold hospital and the jungle fire.
Live in the shoes of Keyla, a young doctor in the island during a pandemic.
Choose who lives and who dies in a small peripheral hospital in a pandemic situation.
Live in the shoes of Keyla, a young doctor in a pandemic situation.
Choose who lives and who dies in a small peripheral hospital in a pandemic situation.
For the first time, in a single video game, you will have to make tough choices, for the lives of your patients,
and save their lives by making difficult and tough decisions:
Who will you save?
– Play a 4-color pixel art game;
– An adventure journey. Think carefully, act quickly;
– Short gameplay rounds with replayability;
– Choose through mini-games who lives and who dies;
– Serve dozens of


Features Key:

  • 7 Levels of difficult
  • A whole new gameplay and a new look
  • Automatic controls
  • Overwhelming Power
  • A complex strategy with several keys

Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus Full Screenshot Developer Page: Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus [ click the image ]

Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus Steam Key Features:
Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus is the most feature-rich and polished installment so far. It brings you the endless war of high difficulty levels. Never before has a project of this scale been completed.
Discover the most modern turn-based tactics engine to date. Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus brings you 7 levels of total difficulty, a new gameplay, a new look, numerous new features and endless improvements and a polished presentation as seen nowhere else. The strategy will be more accessible than ever.

  • 7 Levels of difficulty
  • Automatic controls
  • An overwhelming power
  • A complex strategy with several keys


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Enter the mystic cave and find out what sort of dark creatures are dwelling there.
How far do you dare to go?

Support the Newgrounds community and this game by voting for it at the Newgrounds Select Page.

Note: This is an updated version of the game… Check it out!

Original, 2005-2012 Version of the Game

Update log:
v.1.5.1: The dragon has been killed, but there are still monsters left… maybe we should kill the monsters and look for the missing friends. This also fixed the battle back-end to be more convenient for gameplay. Now, when clicking a monster, you actually see which player’s character is attacking that monster.
v.1.5.0: Fixed a glitch that caused the crystals not to be generated. After a rock-paper-scissors, player can choose the crystal-power-side in the control panel, and the monsters are now spawn with the appropriate crystal-power and monsters have to be killed to get the crystals.
v.1.4.1: Fixed a critical bug in which the monsters would disappear and only the monster-spell would keep going after the game was over. Also, if the distance between players is too far and you end the game, you will actually lose the next turn, so you have to reconnect to log back in.
v.1.4.0: Bug fixes and reworking the User Interface.
v.1.3.0: New User Interface featuring a battle history, along with the ability to disable the fighting features.
v.1.2.0: New User Interface featuring an explanation on how each and every battle works.
v.1.1.0: New User Interface featuring a battle history, along with the ability to disable the fighting features.
v.1.0.1: The game is currently in a testing period on Newgrounds for a smoother play experience.
v.1.0: The game is complete!

Time is running out.
It’s dark in the dungeon.
It’s time to kill the monsters and find our friends.
But before that we need to save them first, so we can go home safely and rest.
Specialize your own party, perfect your skills and strategy.
Roll to fight, use this dice to roll!
Each battle is a real challenge, “rolling” this-dice to roll and challenge


VR Anatomy With Keygen Free Download

Each puzzle is made up of 500 pieces that have to be put together into a place.
Take a look at a puzzle:
1. Select one of the 500 cards from the list of images, which you want to turn over
2. Put one of the 300+ pieces that fit the image
3. Correctly aligned pieces will not be altered.
First of all, the key to the game is to put the pieces as they are.
The pieces are aligned after each, so this is the most important thing to do.
When you have completed one puzzle, there are two buttons on the right side of the screen,
“Save & Continue to Collect” and “Continue to Collect”.
It is also possible to “Save & Continue to Collect” the best results.
When saving, you can save the best results and review the photos in the “Photos” area.
When the screensaver mode is selected, you can continue to play without closing the program.
Through effective, realistic and dynamic actions,
you can feel the real vacation and enjoy the best memories.
You can feel the most vivid and delightful memories and look through the pictures of the places you visited.
You can feel a bit of a hidden sense of optimism even with high pressure work, etc.
Thank you for your support!
This product includes
• 3 x Puzzle Packs (1 is free)
• Download the Facebook app and login to the app for free to share your progress with your friends!

Puzzle 2 – Free for a limited time!

• Puzzle 2. Home Sweet Home: Back from Vacation is a special game that brings you back from vacation!
I am sure you will be delighted.
This is a wonderful game in which you can enjoy a variety of fun puzzles!
You can collect 150 pieces of puzzle in this special game!
It’s a free game for a limited time, so start playing now!
*The number of pieces in this game is set to 150.
*You can collect 150 pieces in this game.
*You can use an unlimited number of pieces during the limited time.
It will take about 30 minutes to complete the game.
Please read the instructions for your game from time to time.

1001 Balloons.

This is a game for you in which you can collect as many balloon as possible while you are in the same level.
You can avoid obstacles and collect the balloons.
As you keep playing


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