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Name Talisman – The City Expansion
Publisher Administrator
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My Last Memories About You is a first person exploration game about a husband fulfilling the last wish of his late wife. The main game features a deep investigation and exploration element where you uncover the key facts and artifacts of the story with your keyboard as well as interacting with the environment.
Explore your way through the story of a husband and his late wife, learn about their memories and discover what happened during their time together.
About The Game :
The RPG / adventure/ history simulation
You, as a husband, fulfill the last wish of your late wife. Make sure to love her always!
The simulation / strategy / RPG has a deep story experience and a finely crafted turn-based combat system.
• The story takes place in one city with a few small islands.
• Learn about the key facts and the artifacts of the characters’ backstories.
• Uncover and explore the history of the city with your keyboard in a first-person perspective.
• Learn about the deeper elements of the story.
• Find the key to make the long-lost ring fit.
• Defeat the giant monsters and bosses.
• Build your inventory.
• Choose your combat options.
• Create guilds or master-classes.
• Make your research methodical and plan your attacks.
• Interact with the objects in the world to learn more about them.
• Learn a bit of the city’s history.
• Learn about the relationship between your character and your wife.
• Learn about the life of the main characters in their own time.
• Discover objects with additional story elements.
• Explore a large part of the story with no forced linear way to proceed.
• Fight alongside your friends in multiplayer in the same world.
• The legendary golden sword can be found somewhere in the game.
• The story can be extended by buying new artifacts.
With a focus on exploration and immersion, you can complete the game in one sitting.
How to play
Press the SPACEBAR to move in the game.A breath-taking animated intro shows the main character set in front of an old piano.
Press the WASD (or the arrow keys) to move.
Press the SPACEBAR or the ENTER key to interact.
• A heartfelt story about a main character who is fulfilling the last wish of his wife.
• A calm and meditative experience that lets you investigate the artifacts of the story with your keyboard.
• A wonderful


Talisman – The City Expansion Features Key:

  • Ninja Skin.
  • Hide all items
  • Rotate items to 90, 180 or 270 degrees
  • Items fold or rotate if the item object is above the vehicle
  • Basic stats:

    • Weight: 11 Kilograms
    • Units of Damage: 2
    • Weapons: Two Daggers (Double Edge) & Shuriken
    • Armor: None
    • Cost: $0

    Red dye:

    • Time: 20 minutes
    • Cost: $0
    • Weight: 200 Kilograms
    • Units of Damage: 5

    Enemies kill progress:

    • Max: 3
    • Cost: $0
    • Time: 5 minutes
    • Units of Damage: 3

    Damage units:

    • Does not reveal damage to 1st Units
    • Damage required increases with the size of the unit

    The vehicle always survives the damage:

    • Returns its base defense unit rank instead of its damage unit
    • Silence essential items


    • Revealable Damage Units
    • Heavy Armor
    • Two weapons



    • Speed: High
    • Gears: 4


    Scrath Saber

    • Instantly kills any enemy unit when created


    • Lets Units move forward and backward between loading screens
    • Automatically locks the targeted Unit (for range) to the front of


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