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Peter is an assistant to help businesses to run. New types of puzzles, all new business.
Hope you like the game!
Requirements for Unlock – Fast Progressive – Desktop Version – Playable on WindowsQ:

Why is my app showing error after installing Crashlytics in my android app?

I am using Github for source control. I have also downloaded latest Android Studio and set for the project. Also I have updated gradle and configured Crashlytics from the QuickStart with Gradle.
When I check it on my device (not connected to my laptop), I can find the version installed (in the app) and the version of Crashlytics in Gradle. But I don’t know what is it in the Gradle.
I am getting an error that Crashlytics is not found in my build.gradle.
Cannot add new rule the project as it conflicts with “buildType”

By searching, I get to know that I should add “crashlytics()” in my build.gradle file. I have also done this but I am getting error that the resource not found.
Thanks in advance.


First, you need to create a Project level build.gradle.
buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath ‘’
classpath ‘’

// NOTE: Do not place your application dependencies here; they belong
// in the individual module build.gradle files

allprojects {
repositories {

In your module level build.gradle, add this:
buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
// The following line ensures that version 5.0.0 of the gradle wrapper is used
classpath ‘


Rollers Features Key:

  • Free Space Adventure Game
  • Exclusive Minigames
  • Awesome Game Music
  • Broadcast

Players can interact with the other players and environment. The users can also build their space farm/habitation and share their life with their friends.

Equipment include:

  • 12 Planetary Seeds
  • Omniscope
  • Building Workshop


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A new saga about an American gangster and his daughter begins. As his dreams are suddenly threatened by a familiar enemy, a morally broken orphan will have to turn his noble instincts and weakness to good, and make the ultimate sacrifice.
This game contains subject matter suitable for an older audience.

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Sonic the Hedgehog


Action, Adventure, RPG, Team Boss, Platformer


SEGA Corporation


PlayStation 3

Game Modes:

Single-player, co-op (Local and Online)


Check out the latest news on Sonic CD!

– This time, our heroine is a little girl: Marie Rose!- A new drama begins with the arrival of a mysterious girl who stands above everyone else!- The music evolves into a charming story with love and honor!- The adorable faces of our main characters and more surprises!

– A new saga about an American gangster and his daughter begins. As his dreams are suddenly threatened by a familiar enemy, a morally broken orphan will have to turn his noble instincts and weakness to good, and make the ultimate sacrifice. This game is suitable for all ages.

Recent Reviews:

Very Positive
– 86% of the 26 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.

All Reviews:

Very Positive
– 81% of the 2,719 user reviews for this game are positive.

Buy Sonic CD

February 03

Less than one month left to the Xmas holidays! Are you still undecided about that Christmas present? Would you like to go for a nice and unique Sega CD bundle instead? We’ve just reduced the price of our Sonic CD game and offer you a new bundle which includes both Sonic the Hedgehog CD and Sonic CD in a pack!

The offer starts on February 1, 2018. It is live from 00:01 CET (UTC+01:00) on October 31, 2017. Be prepared to enjoy Sonic CD at a huge discount of 50% or more. Don’t miss it!

Gameplay Video

All Reviews:

Master Ranking

February 03

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Arpsic is a stealth puzzle game that takes place in the ruins of Erehiko (E.reha), which was the capital of Japan in the Heian Period (794-1185).It can be assumed that because it is set on the site of the Japanese capital at that time, the plot will be heavily influenced by the events of the Heian Period and the gods of the era.But Arpsic can be thought of as a set of different puzzles, each of which is independent from the others and is only connected to the rest of the puzzles through some vague contrived connection.Each level is a maze-like maze, and the player must pick up a variety of items to solve the puzzles.Setting the game on the site of Ereha will not be simply an action game, but a game that intertwines puzzle elements.Game Features:-Innovative and simple approach to action game characters-Simple, elegant strategy to advance your character-A zen-like atmosphere, which takes you into a darker world.

Two faces of the same coin: the slow attack and the quick attack.

The “slow attack” refers to the onslaught, where as the “quick attack” refers to when you use a special power that can be used only once.Quick attack:You use an “attack” to deal damage to the enemy.

The attack can be used again and again until the enemy’s health is depleted. If you are able to evade enemy attacks, you can attack them with a more effective amount of damage.

Slow attack:The slow attack is the easiest way to win. To eliminate the enemy at once, use the quick attack.If you run too, you’ll only make him stronger. It’s a way to defeat him with ease!

You’ll have the “Quick Attack” available on Normal, Hard, and Epic difficulty.

The “3+1 Attack” and the “2+1 Attack” are available on Hard difficulty only.

The “3+1 Attack” is an attack that activates 3 bombs in one shot.

If you are hit by a bomb while it is active, you’ll lose one health. If you make a mistake, you’ll lose all of your health.

You can also choose the “2+1 Attack” which activates a bomb attack and a poison attack in one shot.

If you are hit by a bomb while it is active, you’ll lose half of your


What’s new:

Galaxy Warfighter is a 1993 video game developed by Psygnosis and published by Psygnosis for MS-DOS in January 1993. It is based on the planetoid of the same name and features space combat, planetary exploration, and planetary survival.


The game’s story is in a distant future, known as the Third Era, where the 4th and 5th planets have their solar system ejected to open the way for the first 3 planets to colonize more space.

Galaxy Warfighter takes place on 3 planets. “Planet A” is a small barren planet, where you find the base (base design is very similar to Wing Commander: Privateer). “Planet B” is a large planet with forests that you can freely roam around. “Planet C” is where the story starts, where you start the game, in a crashed starship. This starship is the only combat capable vessel in the game. Space combat consists of vastly different, hand-drawn, animated space battles. Exploration is done through one of four different vehicles. Your vehicle can take up to 4 soldiers at a time. You can play as one of the 16 classes, which include an officer, a medical officer, a pilot, and an engineer. Planets A, B, and C can be fully explored, in other words you can travel into deep forests and ruins. The game includes “survival” content, since it’s completely possible to lose soldiers. You can purchase extra soldiers to give your soldiers more strength or attempt a rescue mission (its success depends on how strong your soldiers are). On the last planet you can collect resources and build a ship (its design is similar to the first Wing Commander game); in this case its only for rescue.


At the start of game play, you are thrust into the middle of a war. The space station, is under attack from an unknown attacker and you are ordered to escort a group of civilians away from the war zone. During the escape the communications are mysteriously cut off and subsequently you are re-routed to a world which has been swept clean of its life force, by an unknown attack. By examining the wreckage and survivors on the planet you piece together that this planet was what made contact with the space station in the first place, meaning that this is the same war that you are fighting. Your plot is to figure out why this has happened and what to do about it.

The game ends with a close take on the philosophy of super


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Save the planet.
Space = Fire
Press left to move left.
Press right to move right.
You can move left and right with the arrow keys.
This game is inspired by the Japanese game ‘Pilotwings’ of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This is a remake of the classic Super Smash Bros. game as played on the GameCube.
With better graphics and more options, Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must-play!

In this game, you will control a member of one of sixteen different characters, some of which you may be familiar with. Choose a character and start a battle with your opponent. Once the battle begins, tap the directional pad to move. Tap the A button to counter attacks from your opponent. Select from a menu of items and items that can be held, including fireballs, stars, and even Captain N’s Flying Fish. Each character has special abilities that are available through the items they use, and by doing well in battle, you can earn a variety of different power-ups that can assist you in battle.

Up to four players can play the game at once.

You can perform a sweep attack by holding down the controller in any direction and then tapping A. Hold down A or B to perform a special move and perform special moves in midair. If you perform a directional smash, you will not be able to perform a special move that takes place in the air.

If you are having difficulty playing against your opponent, press the D-pad up or down to adjust the game’s difficulty. You can even press A and B on the directional pad to toggle the difficulty.

In addition to the game’s single-player mode, a two-player mode is available. This mode allows players to compete against each other in a head-to-head battle. In this mode, the D-pad is used to move characters in the four corners and to use items.

You can use the X button to cancel special moves and special items. By default, the C-stick is bound to attack. To bind the C-stick to special moves, hold down the C-stick. When you perform a special move, the C-stick will display the special move that was performed.

You can use the Y button to cancel items. When you hold down Y, all items will be placed in the item box. You can use items like gravity bombs and rail spikes by selecting


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    Rising Spire Update PC Full Crack + Patch with Keygen: Rising Spire is an awesome multiplayer third-person shooter game in which you enter the third dimension and fight horrible creatures! Beware that the game has many gorgeous weapons and…Rising Spire Full VersionQ:

    Adding elements into array in the form of a string

    I have an array with name contains multiple strings in the form of a string.
    String[] name= new String[]{“Name1″,”Name2″,”Name3”};

    I am trying to get results by combining the elements in the array and end up with a string in the form
    Hello, Please enter the Name(you can go back to the Add buttons) ;



    How about
    String[] name= {“Name1″,”Name2″,”Name3”};

    The String[] only needs to be declared once
    The {} around the arrays are optional. They are only here to emphasise they are of the type String[]

    I do not do to anybody
    what I would not have them do to me.
    – Saint Augustine

    Wednesday, September 28, 2006

    Can you get that high in this thing?

    Another milestone, the day I have never thought I would log on to this blog and see a post over four years old. Every time I go to a post that is older than this one something happens that causes me to delete it from my memory (I don’t think this one is on purpose). Oh well,


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