Lightfish Trainer [32|64bit] [2022]

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His mission is simple: find the solar system Flipon to reunite him with his family!
Your mission is to explore 25+ unique planets and defeat the guardians that rule them, using a collection of deadly tools:
The Flipon needs flipoblocks to get around! Turn them to pick up items and solve puzzles.
The Flipoptik is the Flipon’s toolbox. It can be used to open new doors and solve puzzles.
The Flipoptik is stored in a Flipoptrapp when not in use. When activated, the Flipoptrapp creates a Flipoptrack, an infinite train of flipoblocks that causes damage to players who cross it.
The minecake is an essential for Flipon’s survival! It allows the Flipon to cut his way through rocks and clear out mines, turning the Flipon into a huge potato growing even bigger!
The Gorilla is a giant psychic creature that blocks the path of the minecake, allowing the Flipon to cut his way through the rock. Beware though, the Gorilla will attack you to steal your precious flipoblocks!
Want to save the Flipon’s family? Then click & play!

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Features Key:

  • Direct3D 11 Support
  • Face Your Enemies
  • and Practice Concentration
  • All characters & vehicles are 1:1 ported from 2D.

    May 22, 2016 update: 10% discount on the whole package.


    Pricing before:

    • OSX: $9.99
    • Windows: $19.95


    Pricing with:

    • 10% discount
    • dak$120 discount


    Dak price is for the physical copy only, not a steam key.


    Dak credit on steam:

    • Dak credit#152

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    Lightfish [Updated] 2022

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    What’s new:

    Layers – CraftyScraps (SCR)

    We are pleased to present all 4 pages of the Scrapland Remastered (SCR) layers and provide them at no charge to the Scrapland community, for your use and personal crafting pleasure.

    If you have already purchased the digital version of this collection of Scrapland Layers, you will need to login to your Kofax account in order to access the pages of Scrapland Remastered. It is easy to do so by going to the bottom of this message and clicking on the simple instructions here and then going to the Kofax Web Site to sign in. You will be able to download the files by clicking on the large link in the bottom left corner.


    You’ll find the “Layer Pack page” of this suite of Scrapland Layers on this page.

    Please note that you should rename the folders of the Scrapland Remastered Layers to something other than KofaxScraplandScene or something similar, for example, you should rename the folders to Scrapland Remodeled Layers.

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    How To Crack Lightfish:

    • Download Packs
    • Unzip and Run


    System Requirements:

    Supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
    Support: XInput(Controller)
    12 maps, including updated last year map for 2019
    3 categories, easy to configure, simple to play.
    P1 to P4 keyboard button control.
    Increase the sensitivity of your controller with the option to turn on the “shift” button.
    Gamepad optimized, special controller configuration.
    Great for solo play, supporting hot keys, mouse mode, and more.


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